7 Best Cannabis Seed Banks—Ship to USA Fast—Legit Reviews

High Times-style ranked review list of the best marijuana seed banks with fastest shipping to USA. Where Americans buy quality cannabis seeds online at competitive prices. Shop the best seed banks selling popular marijuana strains—sold in feminized seed, autoflower, and regular seed. Shipping only takes a few days, and your seeds will arrive in a plain package, without any reference to cannabis or marijuana seed.

1. ILGM Seed Bank—Best USA Shipping
2. Homegrown Cannabis Co—Best American Strains
3. Blimburn Seeds—Best Exotic Genetics
4. Seedsman Seed Bank—Best Promotions
5. SeedSupreme—Best Seed Selection
6. MSNL Seed Bank—Best Global Distribution
7. Crop King Seeds—Best North American Seed Bank

My name is Paul, and I’m a rec grower who’s bought cannabis seeds for over fifteen years. I’ve ordered seeds from nearly every big-name seed bank that ships to USA, along with buying directly from several breeders found on Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, forums, and in real life. Today, I will be introducing my fellow Americans to the most trustworthy and top-rated seed banks to buy the best cannabis seeds online.

The conditions that need to be met for this review list are:

  • The seed bank delivers seeds to every state of the USA
  • The seed bank ships seeds in discreet packaging
  • The seed bank has fair prices
  • The seed bank has real positive customer feedback
  • The seeds arrived quickly to my doorstep
  • The seeds are in pristine condition
  • The seeds have a high germination rate
  • The seeds are authentic genetics as advertised

I have chosen these criteria because they represent the most important aspects of what makes up a good seed bank. In fact, all of them are necessary to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. In order to achieve the above requirements, you should look no further than the following seed banks:

1. ILGM Seed Bank—Best USA Shipping

ILGM Seed Bank—Best USA Shipping
Review Rating: 10/10

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is the overall best marijuana seed bank that ships seeds to USA. They offer the fastest shipping to every state in the country and hold the most positive reviews on the internet. On top of that, USA shipping is always free! With just over one hundred varieties of feminized and autoflowering seeds, this seed bank exclusively sells the best of the best. They even have a 100% germination guarantee (this is very rare among seed banks). ILGM has a reliable and dedicated customer service team that swiftly responds to any questions. Along with friendly replies, they provide step-by-step cultivation instructions and strain reviews. ILGM sends out seeds very quickly after ordering. In general, USA customers receive their seeds within seven days. Their marijuana seeds for sale are typically a higher price than the competition, but if you catch their “buy ten get ten free” promotions, it only costs around $7 per seed—a cheap price for high-quality marijuana seeds. Furthermore, paying by Bitcoin gives you a 10% discount. Credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and cash payments are also available.

Click here to buy from ILGM!


2. Homegrown Cannabis Co—Best American Strains

Homegrown Cannabis Co—Best American Strains

Review Rating: 10/10

Homegrown Cannabis Co is a well-known marijuana seed bank located in the great state of California. They specialize in feminized and autoflowering seeds, which are sold to customers in the US and shipped out daily. A range of best-selling American strains are available to purchase with endorsements from cannabis industry superstars such as Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough. What’s great about Homegrown Cannabis Co is their discounts and BOGOs, along with reward points to help you save money as you shop. Plus, the seed you buy are guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep and germinate. Bitcoin, credit card, debit card, bank transfer and cash are accepted. Every order over $115 ships free.

Click here to buy from Homegrown Cannabis Co!


3. Blimburn Seeds—Best Exotic Genetics

Blimburn Seeds—Best Exotic Genetics

Review Rating: 10/10

Blimburn Seeds is a cannabis seed bank with a selection of hyped “exotic” genetics (high in quality and potency) along with old favorites. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest hybrids, be sure to check out Blimburn Seeds. They are always among the first to release new strains in seed form. Born in 2002, the seed bank stocks upwards of 700 marijuana strains for sale as feminized and autoflowering seeds with germination guarantees. At the moment, Blimburn is one of the only seed banks that accepts PayPal. You can also pay with debit or credit cards, bank transfer or Bitcoin. Find regular sales and promotions to get more bang for your buck. Store credit is given with each purchase, along with free seeds. Shipping is free and only takes two to four days in the US.

Click here to buy from Blimburn Seeds!


4. Seedsman Seed Bank—Best Promotions

Seedsman Seed Bank—Best Promotions

Review Rating: 10/10

Seedsman Seeds is one of the most trusted and established seed banks in the world. With almost two decade’s worth of experience, Seedsman has an excellent track record for sending cannabis seeds to nearly every country, including the USA. Buy the best cannabis seeds from over one hundred different brands and breeders at Seedsman. Their American shipping hub sends marijuana seeds to your door as fast as possible—usually taking a week to arrive. Each order comes in a discreet package with optional guaranteed delivery. The promotional offers are endless on this site, with discounts and free seed giveaways happening regularly, making it a great seed bank for the money. You also will earn loyalty points to use with your next order. Best of all, you can get 15–25% off and up to four bonus seeds by paying with Bitcoin. Alternatively, pay by credit/debit card, bank transfer, money order, or cash. Free seeds are generously gifted on every purchase.

Click here to buy from Seedsman!


5. SeedSupreme—Best Seed Selection

SeedSupreme Seed Bank

Review Rating: 10/10

SeedSupreme has one of the biggest selections of seeds available on the market—with nearly 2,000 cannabis seeds for sale from over 100 breeders—all sold at low prices. Established in 2013, this trusted US-based seed bank has earned an excellent reputation in the cannabis community and is easily among the best seed banks in 2023. It’s a great place to buy cheap cannabis seeds online and have them shipped directly to your door wherever you are in America. The quality control at SeedSupreme ensures only properly stored, fresh seeds are sent in discreet packaging, so that they can guarantee delivery with an outstanding success rate. SeedSupreme has a solid track record for shipping, getting your seeds to you as quickly as five to eight days from purchase. Plus, shipping is free on all orders over $90. You can pay by Bitcoin, credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. There are regular discounts and promotions to take advantage of. Free seeds are given with all orders and increase incrementally.

Click here to buy from SeedSupremee!


6. MSNL Seed Bank—Best Global Distribution

MSNL Seed Bank—Best Global Distribution

Review Rating: 10/10

Marijuana-seeds.nl (MSNL) is the best seed bank for people who want to get marijuana seeds shipped worldwide and also has good distribution in the USA, taking just one to five days to arrive with their new guaranteed stealth express shipping. Out of all the seed bank reviewed on this site, MSNL has the best discreet packaging methods. Started in 1999, the MSNL collection contains over two hundred top-quality feminized, regular, and autoflower seeds of in-demand strains loved by cannabis growers and users alike. They have a great reputation for solid customer service. You can use Bitcoin to score a 15% discount on your purchase. Otherwise, pay by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, money order, or cash. Along with frequent promotions and reward points, the price per seed is significantly lower than other popular seed banks. Plus, there are free seeds with every order!

Click here to buy from MSNL!


7. Crop King Seeds—Best North American Seed Bank

Crop King Seeds—Best North American Seed Bank

Review Rating: 10/10

Crop King Seeds is a highly regarded and well-known seed bank that ships seeds to the US and worldwide. They have a huge range of autoflowering, feminized and regular seeds that are inspected, tested, and handpicked to be mature and viable. Crop King Seeds has been active in the cannabis community for over fifteen years. Their loyal American customer base loves the high-quality genetics, reasonable pricing, and fast shipping to USA that this seed bank offers. Bitcoin, debit card, credit card, and cash are the accepted payment methods. All orders are packaged discreetly for maximum security. Choosing the express shipping tracking option at checkout will guarantee the delivery of your seeds.

Click here to buy from Crop King!


Types of Cannabis Seeds for Sale

  • Feminized seeds—produce only female cannabis plants
  • Regular seeds—produce both male and female cannabis plants
  • Photoperiod seeds—flower in accordance to light cycle
  • Autoflowering seeds—flower regardless of light cycle
  • Sativa seeds—produce narrow-leaf plants with a long flowering time
  • Indica seeds—produce broad-leaf plants with a fast flowering time
  • Hybrid seeds—crossbreeds of cannabis varieties

Most Popular American Cannabis Seeds to Buy

  • Alaskan Thunder Funk
  • Blue Dream
  • Bruce Banner
  • Bubba Kush
  • Chemdawg
  • Cherry Pie
  • Gelato
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Grand Daddy Purple
  • Green Crack
  • Maui Wowie
  • NYC Diesel
  • OG Kush
  • Purple Haze
  • Purple Kush
  • Sour Diesel
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Trainwreck
  • Wedding Cake


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