Where is USEED based?

We are located in Denver, Colorado.

Is it safe to order seeds online?

Yes, ordering seeds online from USEED is safe and secure. Our experienced team has mastered delivering cannabis seeds by mail, and our specialized stealth packaging ensures secure delivery to the USA. All bank transactions are confidential and there are no marijuana-related payments indicated on your bank statement. Additionally, the packages themselves have no marijuana references on them. Furthermore, we guarantee that all of our high quality products are of the utmost standard and if for any reason the seeds don’t germinate, we will be sure to replace them.

Where do you ship seeds?

Our US-based warehouse dispatches deliveries to all fifty United States on a daily basis at absolutely no cost! Regrettably, we are unable to extend this service to any international destinations at this time.

Are cannabis seeds legal in the U.S.?

Yes. In light of the 2018 Farm Bill, the acquisition and distribution of cannabis seeds is authorized on a federal level. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has replied to a letter in which it clarifies that marijuana seeds, regardless of their THC content, are legally classified as hemp seeds if they contain no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Thus, individuals in the United States may confidently purchase and distribute cannabis seeds without worrying about breaking the law.

How do I buy seeds online?

Navigate to our seed shop where you can leverage our catalog and filters to identify the product that best meets your needs. Utilize the search bar in the site header for enhanced navigation. Upon locating the desired seeds, click ‘Buy Now’ and add them to your cart. Access your cart and select ‘Checkout’. Input your shipping details and select a delivery option. Subsequently, choose a payment method as indicated by the automated email. Finally, follow the directions provided in said email to complete the transaction.

Is germination guaranteed?

Yes, we guarantee germination for all seeds purchased from our shop. Our team of experts are committed to providing quality products that meet the highest standards. Should you encounter any problems with germination, please contact us and we will be pleased to supply you with replacement seeds.

Is delivery guaranteed?

Yes, we guarantee delivery for all orders placed through our shop. We employ a reliable logistics system to ensure that your order is shipped in a timely manner. Should the cannabis seeds fail to arrive, we shall resend them at no cost to you.

What if my seeds didn’t arrive?

In the event that your order does not arrive in the specified timeframe, we subscribe to a strict policy of re-shipping based on the conditions outlined herein. We guarantee delivery within two weeks, however delayed shipments may take up to another two weeks. Following the 25 business day mark, we invite you to contact us regarding any issues with your shipment.

If we are not contacted within 60 days, we will mark the order as received. We take great care in ensuring that addresses are entered accurately; any discrepancies resulting in lost shipments will not be eligible for reimbursement. Nevertheless, we extend our sympathies with a discount code for your next order. For re-shipping purposes, we guarantee that the same seeds originally ordered will be shipped again free of charge.

Is shipping discreet?

We take great pride in offering customers discreet shipping for all their purchases, allowing them to receive their seeds without any unnecessary attention from third parties. We assure that all orders are packaged in plain and unmarked parcels with no indication of the contents inside, ensuring a private delivery that respects the customer’s privacy.

Is shipping truly free?

We are delighted to announce that shipping services to the United States of America are now complimentary. Our customers in the U.S. can now enjoy the convenience of free delivery for orders placed with our company. This is a major milestone for us, and we are confident that it will help create a more enjoyable customer experience.

Can I use a mail forwarding address?

We can confirm that delivery of your goods will be to the address provided at the time of order placement. We are unable to guarantee successful completion of an order when utilizing a mail forwarding service, and therefore cannot offer re-shipments or remunerations in the event of a lost shipment.

Pay via Credit Card

We advise utilizing a credit card to pay for your purchase. Our checkout is optimized for all leading credit card providers. For the security of your financial data, we delegate the task of processing your credit card information to a specialized third-party organization. Your data will be kept safe and confidential, as it is never seen or stored by us. As soon as you complete your transaction, we will start to process your order. If you need us to make any changes to your order, please contact us as quickly as possible.

Pay via Bank

We provide multiple payment options to our U.S. banking account to ensure the utmost convenience for our customers. This is among our most frequently utilized payment methods and the necessary details will be included in the order confirmation. Our selection of payment options include: online bank transfer via email address, ACH or WIRE bank transfer, check payment, and Bill Pay. We encourage customers to select the payment option that best suits their needs. We recommend Bank Deposit as it is the quickest and most cost-effective method for processing your order.

Pay via Cash

Utilizing a cash-in-envelope transaction, you can procure our services in a secure and confidential manner. After ordering, you will be provided our mailing address for the payment remittance. All currency types are accepted, and if necessary, you can use www.xe.com to convert your payment into U.S. dollars. Typically, delivery of funds takes between 1-2 weeks. Our cash payment system is highly reliable, as evidenced by the fact that we have not experienced any lost payments.

Pay via Bitcoin

Pay with Bitcoin and take advantage of an exclusive 10% discount on your order! Upon making your purchase, you will receive a designated Bitcoin address to complete the transaction. For increased efficiency and to mitigate risks associated with cryptocurrency price volatility, we strongly suggest leveraging the Lightning Network, though this is not a requirement. Enjoy the added benefits of anonymity and security with Bitcoin payment.

How do I know my order went through?

Upon submitting an order, customers will be directed to a page containing all pertinent information regarding the transaction. We will concurrently dispatch a notification email to the client, which may have been diverted to their spam folder. In the event of non-receipt of this email, kindly contact us directly.

How soon will my order ship?

Rest assured that we are actively working to ensure your order is delivered in an expeditious manner. Our typical processing time is two working days, however, please allow for any inventory delays which may impact the shipment of your order. Once the order has shipped, the estimated delivery time is between two and ten working days with an average of four days.

How to cancel my order?

If you have chosen to pay by bank, cash or Bitcoin, and have yet to remit payment, no further action is required on your part. You may be contacted in regards to a payment-reminder; however, you are welcome to remit payment at a later date. If you have selected ACH as your payment option, we ask that you contact our support team to ensure the payment is not processed.

How should I store my seeds?

To ensure the preservation of seeds, it is essential to create a controlled environment with temperate temperatures, low humidity levels, and complete darkness. We suggest that seeds be placed in an airtight container and stored in a dry and dark space. For a longer-term storage solution, placing the seeds in a refrigerator may be beneficial.