Higher Education, Meet Crowdfunding

Expand your reach, connect your community, inspire a culture of philanthropy. Simple, honest, intimate fundraising for the networked world.

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Crowdfunding Technology

Designed for Donor Success


With a branded crowdfunding site your donors will feel a sense of familiarity as they navigate your digital landscape. Unveil the empathy driven initiatives and innovative projects taking place on your campus under the nostalgic colors and insignia of your institution.


CyberSource? Braintree? We integrate with over 100 payment gateways and work directly with your Advancement Services Team to create a seamless gift reconciliation workflow.


Developed as a digital storytelling engine, your platform will provide your donors an unparalleled giving experience - with the security to match.


Whether it's a student-led crowdfunding campaign or an Advancement-led Day of Giving initiative, we have a flexible platform to support the needs of all stakeholders on your campus.

Surfacing the Amazing Stories of Impact

Inspiring, engaging, and exciting stories on your campus are waiting to be told. We'll work with you to locate the initiatives that showcase the amazing work of your students, faculty, and staff - and help create a holistic narrative that compliments your fundraising goals.

Teaching All Stakeholders
the Value of Fundraising

We've developed a holistic, first-time crowdfunding training program that empowers any fundraiser in higher education to fully scope and then implement a successful crowdfunding campaign for their school-related initiatives, scholarship, or fund. Inclusive of live workshops and on-demand learning modules, we're focused on creating effortless experiences to maximize fundraising success.

Sparking New Support Through Giving Day Campaigns

With thoughtful planning and a bit of teamwork, your institution could engage thousands of donors in just 24 hours through an online day of giving. However, you know that virality, community, and new relationships do not happen by accident. We'll help guide your next strategy into the digital universe. Prefer to learn from your colleagues? We're on board. Our goal is to connect you with the brightest minds in fundraising - in higher education and beyond.

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