ILGM Honest Review 2024: Legit or Scam?

ILGM: I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank

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You might be wondering whether ILGM is a legitimate seed bank or just another scam. This guide, based on personal experience, aims to help you decide whether to purchase cannabis seeds from ILGM.

In recent years, obtaining marijuana has become much easier due to its legalization in several US states and other countries worldwide. Buying cannabis seeds online from the comfort of your own home is now more convenient than ever.

ILGM is a highly popular source for cannabis seeds in the USA, thanks to its extensive online presence. They offer a wide selection of over one hundred feminized and autoflowering seed packs for sale, featuring both new genetics and classic strains.

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Is ILGM legit or a scam?

ILGM inspecting seeds

Since its inception in 2012, ILGM has been selling cannabis seeds to customers, shipping the seeds discreetly via postal services. Dedicated to providing seeds of the finest quality, each strain offered undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure it meets the marijuana industry’s most stringent requirements. ILGM also offers stealth shipping and packaging, ensuring that your seeds arrive safely and securely.

As one of the leading seed banks in the United States for weed seeds, ILGM is widely acclaimed, evidenced by numerous positive reviews on customer feedback platforms and social media. The vast majority of shoppers are highly satisfied with their experience at ILGM.

Verdict: ILGM is completely legit. 100% NOT A SCAM. You can shop with confidence at ILGM, assured of receiving your seeds safely and promptly, backed by a germination guarantee.

Author’s Review of ILGM

ILGM's Buy 10 Get 10 Free Deal

I used ILGM to buy some cannabis seeds not too long ago, and I have to say that overall, my experience with the company exceeded my expectations.

When it came time to choose my strains, I checked out the best sellers and found a number of 10+10 feminized seed packs that impressed me. 10+10 packs means 20 seeds for the price of 10, which at the present time comes out to just under $6 per feminized seed. It’s actually a really cheap price compared to most other seed banks.

The procedure for placing an order was pretty uncomplicated, and I was able to add the appropriate quantity of seeds to my shopping basket with a single click. After confirming that everything was correct with my order, I went forward to the checkout page so that I could provide my billing and shipping information. I made the decision to pay with my credit card, and the transaction was completed with no hang ups.

My parcel came in a few days, the shipping was quick and anonymous, and there was no reference to cannabis on the parcel. My order was delivered to me discreetly thanks to the stealth packaging that kept the contents confidential while it was in transit.

My seeds were able to begin their germination process as soon as I received my order. Because there were no problems during the germination process, I was able to place all of the seeds in the grow room.

ILGM growing weed

The plants were able to flourish under my care, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how they turned out. The plants produced a large quantity of buds, and the results were exceptional for what I had anticipated they would look like.

As a result, I have an exceptionally positive outlook on my time and money spent on ILGM seeds. 10+10 packs are the best deal out there, the shipping was quick and discreet, and the seeds grew without any problems at all. I have complete confidence in recommending ILGM to anyone who is interested in purchasing cannabis seeds over the internet.

What kind of products does ILGM sell?

ILGM cannabis seeds

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are by far the most common type of cannabis seed available to home growers, as they are selectively developed to exclusively produce female cannabis plants. It is the female plants that are responsible for producing the buds used in the production of medicinal and recreational marijuana products. This saves a significant amount of time and effort, as you won’t need to manually sex your plants and discard the male ones.

The plants are fertilized with specialized pollen to produce feminized seeds, resulting exclusively in the growth of female plants, without including any male plants in the offspring. To achieve this, the female plant is exposed to high levels of stress, causing it to produce male flowers with female genetics. Subsequently, the pollen from these male flowers is transferred to other female plants to produce feminized seeds.


  • There is no longer a need to physically sex plants and get rid of the males.
  • No more time, space, and money spent on male plants.
  • Growers can stay within plant limits with each plant being a female.
  • A large selection of commercial genetics is available online.


  • Compared to regular seeds, generally more expensive.
  • Some growers may want males for breeding.

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Autoflowering Seeds

Cannabis plants can be bred to bloom automatically, independent of the light cycle’s length or timing – these are known as autoflowers or autoflowering cannabis. Due to their autoflowering traits, they do not depend on light cycle changes to initiate flowering and can mature in as little as eight weeks. As a result, autoflowering seeds are an excellent choice for beginners or those with limited space, as they grow quickly and are easy to care for.

It is possible to produce cannabis plants with autoflowering seeds by crossing them with a wild cannabis species known as Cannabis ruderalis. This natural species is renowned for its ability to bloom automatically, regardless of the light cycle. The hybrid autoflowering cannabis plants inherit this characteristic from their wild ancestor.


  • Fast-growing.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Excellent for areas with restricted space or time.


  • Generally less productive than conventional photoperiod marijuana varieties.
  • Cannot be cloned.

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The Most In-Demand Strains at ILGM

ILGM cannabis strains

The greatest feminized and autoflowering seeds in the United States can be found at ILGM, where you can find some of the most sought-after strains available.

White Widow is a time-honored variety of cannabis that has been around for decades. It is famous for the high levels of THC it contains and the powerful effects it produces. It has a flavor that is both sweet and earthy, and it is an excellent option for consumers who are searching for a high that is both potent and long-lasting.

ILGM has both White Widow Feminized and White Widow Autoflowering seeds for sale.

Another classic strain, OG Kush is well-known for the powerful effects it produces as well as the pungent odor it exudes. It has a flavor that is uniquely reminiscent of citrus and pine, and it is an excellent option for consumers searching for a high that is both powerful and calming.

ILGM has both OG Kush Feminized and OG Kush Autoflowering seeds for sale.

Granddaddy Purple is a strain that is predominately indica, and it is famous for having a flavor that is reminiscent of grapes and berries. It is an excellent option for consumers who are searching for a strong and relaxing high.

ILGM has both Granddaddy Purple Feminized and Granddaddy Purple Autoflowering seeds for sale.

Runtz is a relatively new and well-liked strain that is renowned for having a flavor that is both sweet and fruity. It is an excellent option for consumers who are searching for a high that is both potent and long-lasting.

ILGM has both Runtz Feminized and Runtz Autoflowering seeds for sale.

Blue Dream is another classic strain of cannabis that is well-known for having a flavor that is both sweet and earthy. It is an excellent option for consumers who are searching for a robust and energizing high.

ILGM has both Blue Dream Feminized and Blue Dream Autoflowering seeds for sale.

ILGM also sells cannabis seed mix packs. These mix packs contain a few seeds of separate strains put together in various themes, such as the USA marijuana mix pack. It’s a great way to get your hands on several cannabis varieties on a budget.

ILGM mix packs are sold in both feminized and autoflowering.

Reasons Why You Can Trust ILGM

ILGM seed inspection

Within the borders of the USA, ILGM is without a doubt one of the most reliable sources for ordering cannabis seeds off the internet. For over a decade, they have remained dedicated to supplying seeds of the finest quality, and each strain they offer goes through rigorous trials to guarantee that it is up to par with the industry’s current requirements.

The seeds sold by ILGM are shipped domestically from within the United States, and the company offers both stealth packaging and discrete shipping options. This ensures that your seeds will arrive in a safe and secure manner, and that your privacy will remain intact throughout the process.

Additionally, ILGM provides a multitude of perks, such as a germination guarantee, free grow bible, VIP program, and support forum.

Guaranteed germination of ILGM seeds

how to germinate marijuana seeds

ILGM provides a germination guarantee, which states that the company will offer you a replacement pack of seeds as compensation in the event that the seeds you purchased do not sprout. This makes it even simpler and more convenient to buy cannabis seeds online in complete assurance.

Why should you shop at ILGM?


There are numerous advantages to doing business with ILGM, but here are just a few of them:

  • A diverse selection of seeds: In order to facilitate your search for the cannabis strain that is best suited to meet your requirements, ILGM provides a diverse assortment of seeds, including award-winning feminized and autoflowering varieties.
  • Discreet delivery and stealth packaging: Because ILGM sends their seeds domestically from within the United States, you can be assured that your order will arrive in a secure and risk-free manner.
  • Germination guarantee: ILGM makes it possible for customers to purchase cannabis seeds online with guaranteed germination on every single seed.
  • Customer assistance: ILGM provides a comprehensive customer support service, which includes answering inquiries and offering guidance on how to solve problems.
  • Easy payment methods: ILGM offers a variety of payment methods, giving you the flexibility to select the option that works best for you.

Why buyers from the United States should shop at ILGM:

There is a significant advantage to shopping at ILGM for customers located in the United States:

  • Express Shipping From Within the United States: ILGM ships all of their seeds by express mail from within the USA, so you can be assured that your order will be delivered promptly and without incident.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds over the internet in the USA?

buy seeds at ILGM in America

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States, the answer is yes; it is now lawful to buy cannabis seeds over the internet in the United States. On the federal level, the production of hemp and items produced from hemp, including cannabis seeds, was made legal by this piece of legislation.

In fact, according to a letter from the DEA, all marijuana seeds are classified as hemp seeds, even those that come from high-THC plants, as they do not contain over 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis.

Bottom line: Rest assured, all types of cannabis seeds are legally considered hemp seeds in the United States!

Does ILGM guarantee the quality of the products they sell?

Yes, ILGM stands behind the quality of their products and provides a germination guarantee. This means that if for any reason your seeds do not germinate, you are eligible for a replacement of seeds at no extra charge from the company. In addition, they provide a variety of customer assistance options, such as answering queries and offering advice on how to best approach things.

Service to customers offered by ILGM

ILGM's Robert Bergman growing marijuana

ILGM provides a variety of customer support options, ranging from everyday questions to offering guidance on how to fix growing problems. They are dedicated to delivering the highest possible level of customer service, and every member of their team is eager to be of assistance at all times. You can get in touch with them by either sending them an email or calling them up on the phone if you have any concerns or queries.

ILGM reviews from actual customers

Many satisfied buyers have provided glowing testimonials online about their interactions with ILGM, contributing to the company’s stellar reputation among cannabis cultivators. Customers have lauded ILGM for having a sizable inventory of premium seeds, a streamlined shipping process, and exceptional support for their shopping needs.

Where is ILGM located?

ILGM shipping

Originally based in Amsterdam, ILGM’s USA fulfillment center is currently located in California. This West Coast state has an outstanding reputation as being home to America’s best cannabis products. The convenient location makes it possible for ILGM to offer customers priority shipment on their seeds from within the borders of the United States.

ILGM Grow Bible

ILGM Grow Bible

ILGM offers a 100% FREE Cannabis Grow Bible with all the required information needed to grow your own marijuana at home. This is an excellent read for any skill level of grower regardless of previous experience. To download this comprehensive grow guide, all you need to do is simply enter your email here on the ILGM website and you will be promptly sent a link to download the entire book.

ILGM Deals, Discounts, and Freebies

You can get the most bang for your buck by taking advantage of the many promotions and discounts that ILGM has to offer. They provide price reductions on 10+10 seed packs, in addition to other special offers that are available throughout the year. Make it a habit to check their website on a frequent basis in order to be informed about their most recent promotions.

Methods of payment accepted by ILGM

payment methods

ILGM provides a variety of payment options, allowing you to select the manner that is most convenient for you. They are willing to deal with bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, checks, cash by mail, and Bill Pay. They also accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment, which means that you can benefit from increased anonymity and security when making purchases.

ILGM Discount Coupon Code (Updated)

You may save the most money possible by taking advantage of the various discount codes that are available through ILGM. You will receive a discount of 10% on your subsequent purchase if you use the code THXFROMROBERT$. Make it a habit to check back here frequently for updated promo codes.

How to Buy from ILGM

Instructions for placing an order through the website are as follows:

1. Navigate to the ILGM website and choose the seeds that you want to purchase from the available options.

2. Put the quantity of seeds you want to buy into your shopping cart.

3. When you are finished reviewing your order and are satisfied with it, proceed to the checkout.

4. Provide your billing and shipping information in the appropriate fields.

5. Choose your payment method and input your payment details.

6. Go ahead and review your order before completing the purchase.

7. ILGM will process your order and have it delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.

Is ILGM the top seed bank in the United States?

ILGM is without a doubt one of the greatest seed banks in the United States of America since they provide an extensive variety of seeds of a high quality, lightning-fast shipping, and outstanding customer service. In addition to providing a variety of bargains and discounts, as well as a germination guarantee, they make it possible for customers to purchase cannabis seeds over the internet with full trust. ILGM is an excellent option to go with if you are seeking for a seed bank that is dependable and trustworthy.

Final Word on ILGM

ILGM's Robert Bergman

In conclusion, ILGM is one of the most reliable sources for cannabis seeds, offering customers a diverse assortment of both feminized and autoflowering varieties. They distribute their seeds domestically within the United States from within the country, and they provide both stealth packaging and discrete delivery options. Because they also provide a germination guarantee, you may feel confident buying  seeds from them over the internet. You will be able to locate the ideal strain to meet your requirements and obtain the most bang for your buck when you use ILGM.

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