SeedSupreme Honest Review 2023: Legit or Scam?


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If you are curious whether SeedSupreme is a scam or legit, we’ve got you covered. This review is based on personal experience to better inform the community about SeedSupreme seed bank.

Are you a cannabis enthusiast looking for the perfect online store for tremendous value, high-quality marijuana seeds? If so, look no further than SeedSupreme seed bank. SeedSupreme is the premier outlet for buying the best marijuana seeds from some of the world’s top breeders and growers. Whether you are seeking seeds with the highest THC content, quality landrace cultivars, feminized or autoflowering varieties, or hybrid strains, SeedSupreme is sure to have exactly what you need. And better yet, they ship out of California!

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Is SeedSupreme Legit or a Scam?

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The first question that many prospective customers may have is whether SeedSupreme is legit or a scam. This is an understandable concern, but there is no need to worry; SeedSupreme is 100% legitimate and reliable. With a long track record of providing top-notch customer service and the most in-demand products, SeedSupreme is a trusted source for all your marijuana seed needs.

In fact, SeedSupreme is one of the most popular seed banks in the United States today. With years of experience under their belt, they are committed to providing the best marijuana seeds at affordable prices.

To put your mind at ease, SeedSupreme only stocks cannabis seeds from reputable breeders and suppliers known for their quality. Furthermore, SeedSupreme takes customer safety and satisfaction very seriously. Their customer care staff is friendly and highly qualified and they never share your data with any third parties.

Verdict: Not a scam! SeedSupreme is legit!

Author’s Personal Review of SeedSupreme

SeedSupreme personal review cannabis plant

SeedSupreme is the bee’s knees when it comes to marijuana seed banks. The vast selection of quality seeds available on the site was enough to have me hitting the Add To Cart button faster than a kid in a candy store. From the moment I hit Checkout, the entire shopping experience was smooth sailing.

The payment process was simple and straightforward; I went with Bitcoin, but they accept plenty of other options. I was stoked when I saw that I qualified for free shipping along with free seeds. With my order placed, I just had to wait for my seeds to arrive. It didn’t take long for my package from Cali to show up on my doorstep – about a week after ordering!

It was time for the real fun to begin – germination! I soaked my little babies in paper towels overnight and before I knew it, there were sprouts popping up. I was ready to start my new grow in no time.

I transplanted my seedlings into their new homes and they flourished in their new environment – growing bigger and stronger with every passing day. As my plants matured and grew larger and larger, they started producing buds that had me drooling, with terpenes that smelt like weed heaven. Soon enough, it was time to harvest!

My crop yielded some of the most potent buds I’ve ever smoked; with seeds from SeedSupreme, I couldn’t help but feel like a real green thumb! All in all, SeedSupreme delivered everything I could have asked for – excellent prices on killer seeds that allowed me to crop an epic harvest. If you’re looking for premium marijuana seeds shipped straight to your door, be sure to check out SeedSupreme!

What types of seeds does SeedSupreme sell?

SeedSupreme cannabis seed on weed leaf

SeedSupreme takes pride in sourcing only the highest-quality cannabis strains from real breeders and growers who have devoted their time to perfecting desirable traits such as stability, CBD content levels, THC levels, and resistance to pests, mold, and other plant diseases. In addition to having a diverse selection of international cannabis seed banks, SeedSupreme also has a comprehensive range of strain varieties that are sure to please every marijuana connoisseur.

SeedSupreme offers a wide variety of seed types for sale online. Here are just some of the types of marijuana seeds they sell:

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are incredibly popular among growers due to their convienence and reliability. These seeds are bred to produce exclusively female plants, meaning you don’t need to worry about identifying and removing male plants from your grow room. Ultimately, feminized seeds can save you time, grow space, and money.

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Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds offer convenience in that they flower automatically after a certain period of time regardless of light exposure. This makes them ideal for busy growers who don’t have time to closely monitor their gardens. Additionally, autoflowering strains usually stay shorter in height than their photoperiodic counterparts which makes them great for small growing operations.

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Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are the traditional type of cannabis seed. They sprout male and female plants at nearly even ratios, so they require more effort from growers who want seedless buds as they must separate the male plants before they reach maturity. Regular seeds are especially popular among experienced growers and breeders who use them in breeding programs.

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Fast Version Seeds

Fast version cannabis seeds allow growers to experience faster harvests without compromising quality or yield. Many fast version strains finish flowering within 6-8 weeks! These strains are bred by crossing together photoperiod and autoflowering strains, resulting in plants that give harvests in less time while remaining photoperiodic.

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CBD Seeds

CBD seeds are specifically bred to produce high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD). This cannabinoid is known for its medicinal properties and is used by many people around the world as a treatment for a variety of ailments. CBD seeds are a great choice for medical marijuana growers who want to produce medical-grade buds with a higher CBD content.

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Bestselling Seeds at SeedSupreme

SeedSupreme best selling seeds

SeedSupreme stocks a vast array of premium cannabis strains from renowned breeders and growers. Here are some of their bestselling seed strains:

AK-47: Offering an impressively hard-hitting high and an earthy aroma combined with citrus notes, it’s easy to see why this classic strain is so popular at SeedSupreme. AK-47 offers a relatively short flowering period and good yields so it’s great for novice and experienced growers alike.

SeedSupreme has AK-47 Feminized Seeds, AK-47 Fast Version Seeds, and AK-47 Autoflower Seeds for sale.

Amnesia: Amnesia is one of the most sought after sativa strains due to its signature tropical taste and long lasting high that will keep you feeling uplifted throughout the day. It has hefty yields and grows well indoors as well as outdoors.

SeedSupreme has Amnesia Feminized Seeds and Amnesia Autoflower Seeds for sale.

Big Bud: A favorite amongst indoor growers everywhere due to its massive yields and resin covered buds, Big Bud is sure to satisfy anyone looking for an easy strain that delivers bumper crop volume without fail.

SeedSupreme has Big Bud Feminized Seeds and Big Bud Fast Version Seeds for sale.

Girl Scout Cookies: If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic then Girl Scout Cookies, aka GSC, should be your go-to strain! Its sweet taste and powerful effects make it a fan favorite amongst connoisseurs everywhere.

SeedSupreme has GSC Feminized Seeds, GSC Autoflower Seeds, and GSC CBD Seeds for sale.

White Widow: Finally if you’re longing for a potent smoke then White Widow won’t disappoint! With its instantly recognisable smell and powerful effects this is one strain you won’t forget!

SeedSupreme has White Widow Feminized Seeds, White Widow Autoflower Seeds, and White Widow Regular Seeds for sale.

Breeders sold at SeedSupreme

Male cannabis plant used for breeding

SeedSupreme carries seeds from over one-hundred different breeders and seedbanks alongside their own brand. Here is a complete list of the breeders sold on SeedSupreme:

  • 00 Seeds
  • 710
  • Ace Seeds
  • Advanced Seed Banks
  • Allstar Genetics
  • Alphakronik Genes Seeds
  • Alpine Seeds
  • Auto Seeds
  • Barneys Farm
  • BC Bud Depot
  • Big Buddha
  • Big Head Seeds
  • Black Skull Seeds
  • BlimBurn Seeds
  • Bomb Seeds
  • Breaking Buds Seeds
  • Buddha Seeds
  • CBD Seeds
  • Cali Connection
  • Cali Kush Farms
  • CannaBioGen
  • CBD Crew
  • Centennial Seeds
  • Ceres Seeds
  • Cream Of the Crop Seeds
  • Critical Mass Collective
  • Delicious
  • Devils Harvest
  • Dinafem
  • Dispensario Seeds
  • DNA Genetics
  • Dr Krippling
  • Dr Underground
  • Dready Seeds
  • Dutch Passion
  • Elemental Seeds
  • Emerald Triangle
  • EVA Female Seeds
  • Exotic Seed
  • Expert Seeds
  • FastBuds Seeds
  • Female Seeds
  • Flavour Chasers
  • G13 Labs
  • Garden of Green
  • Genhetik
  • Genofarm
  • Grand Daddy Purp Genetics
  • Grass-O-Matic
  • Green House Company
  • Hazeman Seeds
  • Heavyweight Seeds
  • Homegrown Fantaseeds
  • HOTGG Seeds
  • Humboldt Seeds
  • John Sinclair Seeds
  • Joint Doctor – Lowryder Seeds
  • Josh D Seeds
  • Kannabia
  • Karma Squad
  • Kera Seeds
  • Kush Seeds
  • LaPlata Labs Seeds
  • Magus Genetics
  • Medical Seeds
  • Ministry of Cannabis
  • Mr Nice Seedbank
  • Nirvana Seeds
  • Original Delicatessen Seeds
  • Original Sensible Seeds
  • Paradise Seeds
  • Pheno Finder Seeds
  • Philoshoper
  • Phoenix Seeds
  • Positronics Seeds
  • Pyramid Seeds
  • R-KIEM Seeds
  • Reserva Privada
  • Resin Seeds
  • Ripper Seeds
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • Sagarmatha Seeds
  • Secret Valley Seed Co
  • SeedSupreme
  • Sensi Seeds
  • Serious Seeds
  • Soma Seeds
  • Spliff Seeds
  • Strain Hunters
  • Sumo Seeds
  • Super Strains
  • SuperCBDx
  • Sweet Seeds
  • The Bulldog Seeds
  • Tropical Seeds
  • Victory Seeds
  • VIP Seeds
  • Vision Seeds
  • White Label
  • World of Seeds
  • ZAMBEZA Seeds

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Why you can trust SeedSupreme?

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SeedSupreme has earned an excellent reputation among cannabis growers over the years, thanks to their commitment to providing supreme-quality marijuana seeds at affordable prices. They employ secure encryption technology to make sure your personal and financial information remains safe and private when ordering from them.

At SeedSupreme customers can trust that all orders will be shipped safely and without delay thanks to their discreet packaging methods and fast US shipment. Furthermore, they have an extensive FAQ page on their website which covers all the most important topics, as well as a live chat function which easily allows you to get help when ordering your seeds. Any customer concerns will be answered promptly by their friendly and knowledgeable customer service team who are always willing to help out when needed.

So there’s no need to worry when it comes to buying your seeds from SeedSupreme- you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly!

Why should you shop at SeedSupreme?

Cannabis leaf over cash

Not only does SeedSupreme offer the highest quality cannabis seeds but they also have unbeatable prices which makes them a great option for budget-conscious customers. In addition to having a wide range of premium cannabis seeds from renowned breeders, SeedSupreme also offers fantastic deals such as flash sales on select products as well as discounts off bulk orders making it easy for customers to save money when shopping at SeedSupreme. On top of that, customers can sign up to the newsletter for news on new strains as well as freebies such as free seeds! So if you’re looking for value for money then look no further than SeedSupreme!

Is buying cannabis seeds legal in the USA?

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States, the answer is yes; it is now legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds. This piece of legislation legalized the production of hemp and hemp-derived products, including cannabis seeds, on the federal level.

According to a letter from the DEA, all marijuana seeds, including those from high-THC plants, are classified as hemp seeds because they do not contain more than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

In conclusion, rest assured that in the United States, all types of cannabis seeds are legally considered hemp seeds!

SeedSupreme Guaranteed Delivery in the USA

SeedSupreme delivery guarantee

When ordering from SeedSupreme customers can have confidence that their orders will arrive quickly as all orders are shipped from their San Diego warehouse via USPS with estimated delivery times being roughly one week from order placement. Moreover, customers get free shipping on orders over $90 which is even more incentive for shoppers looking for the most bang for their buck.

So no matter where you live in America rest assured that your order will get to you quickly & safely with guaranteed delivery!

SeedSupreme Customer Reviews

SeedSupreme cannabis bud plant

To get an idea of how other customers felt about their experiences at SeedSupreme we decided to take a look at some online customer reviews which were overwhelmingly positive across all major platforms such as Trustpilot and Facebook ratings where most customers praised the quality of the products as well as the fast delivery times and exceptional customer service when needed! So it seems safe to say that when it comes to customer satisfaction SeedSupreme definitely delivers!

Payment Methods Accepted at SeedSupreme

SeedSupreme payment

SeedSupreme accepts a variety of payment methods including ACH, CashApp, Zelle, Mesh, Check By Mail, Money Order as well as Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies making it effortless for customers everywhere to make payments securely without any hassle.

SeedSupreme Deals Discounts and Free Seeds

SeedSupreme marijuana plant with buds

Every order you make at SeedSupreme scores you free cannabis seeds, the quantity scales with purchase amount. In addition to offering discounts on bulk orders, SeedSupreme also offers flash sales on various strains every now and then making it easy for shoppers looking for bargains on quality strains. Furthermore, customers can sign up to the newsletter which often features exclusive deals such as free seeds which is always nice when trying out new strains or building up existing collections!

SeedSupreme Coupon Code

Searching for a SeedSupreme coupon code? You’ve come to the right place. Spend at least $70 and get 4 Free Sour D Auto Seeds with the following coupon code: SOUR

Concluding Thoughts on SeedSupreme

In conclusion, I can most certainly recommend SeedSupreme as a reliable source of high quality marijuana seeds from some of the world’s most respected breeders thanks to their wide selection of strains sure to please everyone from novice growers all the way up to experienced connoisseurs. In addition, SeedSupreme’s fast delivery times make it convienient for shoppers looking to buy marijuana seeds online without breaking the bank. So if you’re in the market for quality seeds delivered quickly to every state in the USA, then you won’t be disappointed with what SeedSupreme has in store!

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