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ASU Foundation for A New American University
University of Houston
Simon Fraser University
Knox College
University of Louisville
Indiana Tech
Dallas County Community College District
University of California, Irvine
Emerson College
University of Rochester
University of Alberta
University of Washington
Pacific Lutheran University
Sait Polytechnic
Mount Royal University
Johnson County Community College
Australian National University
Champlain College

Partner Testimonials

Our work with USEED has allowed us to bring crowdfunding to life on our campus. Through this innovative tool, we have been able to engage students, faculty, and alumni around the art and science of philanthropy. The willingness of our participants to use the USEED to reach out to their networks—their crowd—to build support for projects and research not only furthers the Arizona State University mission, but widens the network of supporters for our institution.
Tiffany Antor, Associate Director of Annual Giving, Arizona State University

USEED in the news


“USEED is like Kickstarter for school fundraising: It helps schools build customized crowdfunding platforms for specific projects, and it helps them target alums who may have a particular interest in supporting those projects. “Read More
“…donors are gained initially through project team members’ personal social networks — family, friends and co-workers — along with any interested groups or organizations. The first level of someone’s personal social network, he says, is a core group that often funds the initial 15% to 20% of a project campaign.”Read More
“Millenials get a bad rap for being entitled, lazy and self-centered. The people at USEED, a new crowdfunding site for college students, have a different view: they believes millenials are eager to show initiative if only they’re given an environment that encourages it.”Read More

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