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Pure Indica Feminized Seeds For Sale in America

Looking to buy the best Pure Indica feminized seeds online in the USA? Look no further than USEED! We offer affordable prices and deals for our customers to purchase Pure Indica seeds online in America. Our seeds are guaranteed to have high germination rates, giving you the best chance of success with your grow.

Pure Indica Strain Introduction

Pure Indica is a rare strain that is loved by many for its therapeutic qualities. This 100% indica strain has THC levels up to 14%, which provides a relaxing and uplifting high that is perfect for recreational use. Its fruity taste combined with its easy, sweet aroma makes it an enticing choice for any cannabis connoisseur. Additionally, it helps combat conditions like muscle spasms and insomnia, making it a great choice for medical use.

Why Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are beneficial because they eliminate the need to sex your plants. Female plants produce the buds that we all know and love, while males produce pollen. With feminized seeds, you can be sure that you’re getting only female plants, which ensures maximum yield and potency.

USEED Guarantees

Our goal at USEED is to provide our customers with the highest-quality cannabis seeds at an affordable price. We offer discreet shipping and handling on all orders, free shipping within the USA, and guaranteed arrival of your order. Additionally, we guarantee germination of your seeds, ensuring that you have the best chance of success with your grow.

Free Shipping in the USA

One of the unique benefits of ordering from USEED is our free shipping policy within the USA. This means that you can receive your Pure Indica feminized seeds faster than if you ordered from a seed bank overseas. Plus, it saves you money on shipping costs!

The Origins of Pure Indica

Pure Indica was created by Robert Bergman and is a 100% indica strain. This small but sturdy plant is perfect for indoor and outdoor grows, making it a versatile choice for any grower. It is a compact plant that typically grows to around 32 inches in height, and it exhibits typical indica traits.

How to Grow Pure Indica

To grow Pure Indica, you’ll need to provide it with an average climate. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, but it’s not recommended for beginners who have never grown marijuana before. During the vegetative stage, the plant will need 4 to 8 weeks of growth time. The flowering time for Pure Indica is around 8 weeks, and it can yield up to 6 oz per plant. Make sure to supply the right plant food for every grow stage.

Pure Indica Flowering Time and Yield

Pure Indica has a relatively short flowering period of around 56 days. This makes it a great choice for growers who want fast results. Additionally, it can yield up to 6 oz per plant, which is a respectable amount of buds for such a compact plant.

Bag Appeal of Pure Indica

The buds of Pure Indica are small but potent. They have a beautiful appearance with an array of colors ranging from green to purple. The trichomes are abundant on this strain, giving the buds a frosty appearance that is sure to impress any cannabis connoisseur.

Pure Indica Aroma and Flavor

The aroma of Pure Indica is sweet and fruity with hints of earthiness. This smell is due in part to the terpenes present in the strain. The taste of Pure Indica is just as delightful as its smell. Users report tasting an array of fruits with tart or bitter undertones, but overall, it has an easy, sweet taste that is sure to please.

Effects of Pure Indica Cannabis

The effects of Pure Indica are relaxing and uplifting, making it perfect for after a stressful day. It’s not recommended to smoke this strain in the morning or before work, as its effects are not conducive to focus or productivity. However, it’s great for calming down and feeling comfortable and relaxed. Plus, it does wonders for any kind of muscle spasms or pain relief.

Buy Pure Indica Feminized Seeds Now in the USA

Don’t miss out on the chance to grow one of the rarest and most therapeutic strains of cannabis available today. Buy Pure Indica feminized seeds now from USEED and experience the benefits of this 100% indica strain for yourself. Purchase your seeds online today at an affordable price and take advantage of our free shipping within the USA!

Data Table




Indoors, Mediterranean, Mold Resistant



Flower Time

8 weeks

Indica / Sativa

100% Indica

Pack Size

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 20 seeds

Plant Size


Taste & Smell

Earthy, Fruity, Sweet


Up to 14%

Veg Stage

4 to 8 weeks


6 oz per plant