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Big Bud Feminized Seeds For Sale in America

Attention all American growers! Are you in search of high-quality cannabis seeds for sale online? Look no further than USEED’s Big Bud Feminized Seeds. Our affordable prices and unbeatable deals make it easy for you to purchase the perfect seeds for your home garden or commercial grow operation. Buy now and experience the ultimate relaxation that Big Bud delivers.

Big Bud Strain Introduction

Big Bud is a legendary strain known for its massive yields and deeply relaxing effects. With 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics, this strain produces buds with THC levels of up to 18%. Expect happy, euphoric feelings that will leave you feeling relaxed and sleepy. But it’s not just the effects that make this strain a favorite among growers. Its earthy flavor with spicy undertones and fruity aroma are truly unforgettable. Don’t miss out on this incredible strain.

Why Feminized Seeds?

Our Big Bud Feminized Seeds guarantee bud production, making it easy for growers to focus on cultivating their plants without worrying about male plants ruining the crop. These seeds eliminate the need to sex plants, saving both time and money. Female plants are the ones that produce buds, and with our feminized seeds, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of your grow operation.

USEED Guarantees

At USEED, we stand behind our products and offer guarantees that ensure customer satisfaction. We guarantee discreet shipping and handling, as well as guaranteed arrival of your order. With our guaranteed germination of your seeds, you can trust that your grow operation will be successful.

Free Shipping in the USA

As a US-based seed bank, we offer free shipping to all US states. This means faster shipping times and no worries about customs or international fees. Buy with confidence knowing that your seeds will arrive quickly and safely.

The Origins of Big Bud

While the exact origins of Big Bud are unknown, it is believed to have originated in the US during the Nixon administration. After making its way to the Netherlands, breeders continued to perfect its genetics, resulting in the high-yielding strain we know and love today. Its suspected parents are Afghani indica, Northern Lights, and Skunk No. 1.

How to Grow Big Bud

Growing Big Bud is relatively easy, making it a favorite among growers of all skill levels. These plants thrive indoors or outdoors in warm climates. Provide support for the thick stalks using tensioned strings or wires. Optimize the plants’ growth by topping and bending them early on. Use the right plant food for every stage of growth.

Big Bud Flowering Time and Yield

Indoor growers can expect yields between 16 to 20 ounces per plant after 7 to 9 weeks of flowering time. Outdoor growers will experience a harvest in October with yields of up to 25 ounces per plant. With hydroponics and a Sea of Green method, you can maximize yields.

Bag Appeal of Big Bud

Get ready for buds so massive they will blow your mind. Big Bud’s buds are dense and packed with delicious consumable marijuana. With very few leaves, the majority of the plant is smokable, making it an ideal choice for commercial growers or those looking to stock up on supplies.

Big Bud Aroma and Flavor

Big Bud’s aroma is both spicy and earthy with fruity undertones that will leave you wanting more. It has a sweet taste with a hint of spice that is sure to delight your palate. Take note of its terpenes as they provide a unique flavor profile that is unlike any other strain.

Effects of Big Bud Cannabis

Big Bud delivers total body relaxation that leaves you feeling lazy and lethargic, making it great for stress relief or sleeping issues. It also leads to feelings of hunger, also known as “the munchies.” This sedative strain is ideal for therapeutic use for those needing help relaxing or struggling with maintaining an appetite.

Buy Big Bud Feminized Seeds Now in the USA

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your own Big Bud. Buy now and experience the legendary productivity, massive yields, and deeply relaxing effects of this strain. With USEED’s guarantees and free shipping in the USA, you can buy with confidence. Don’t hesitate, purchase your Big Bud Feminized Seeds today and start growing the ultimate relaxation.

Data Table


Cannabis Cup




Indoors, Steppe




Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Flower Time

9 weeks

Indica / Sativa

80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Pack Size

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 20 seeds

Plant Size


Taste & Smell

Earthy, Fruity, Herbal, Pepper, Spicy, Sweet, Woody


Up to 18%

Veg Stage

4 to 8 weeks


16 to 25 oz per plant