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Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds For Sale in America

Are you searching for premium cannabis seeds online in the USA? Look no further than USEED’s Amnesia Haze feminized seeds! Our seeds are affordable and perfect for anyone looking for a good deal on high-quality cannabis seeds. Purchase now and enjoy our low prices, free shipping, and guaranteed germination!

Amnesia Haze Strain Introduction

Introducing the Amnesia Haze strain – a sativa-dominant hybrid that boasts an uplifting and energetic buzz. With THC levels of up to 21%, this strain is sure to pack a punch. The earthy-citrus flavor profile is complemented by its lemon taste, making it a delicious smoke to savor. This strain’s effects include euphoria, happiness, focus, and creativity – making it ideal for daytime use.

Why Feminized Seeds?

At USEED, we offer only feminized seeds so that our customers can be confident in their harvest. Our feminized seeds guarantee bud production, unlike male plants which do not produce usable weed. By purchasing feminized seeds, you’ll save time and money by avoiding the hassle of identifying and removing male plants from your garden.

USEED Guarantees

We stand behind our products and offer guaranteed shipping and handling to ensure your order arrives discreetly at your doorstep. We also guarantee germination of our seeds so that you can feel confident in your purchase.

Free Shipping in the USA

We offer free shipping to all U.S. States to ensure fast and reliable delivery to our American customers. Enjoy the benefits of domestic shipping, such as faster delivery times, compared to seed banks that ship from abroad.

The Origins of Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid created from several landrace strains from Jamaica, South Asia, Hawaii, Afghani, and Thailand. Its popularity has been recognized with awards such as the Cannabis Cup and sativa Cup. This strain thrives in sunny environments and typically grows best in Mediterranean climates.

How to Grow Amnesia Haze

Growing Amnesia Haze can be challenging, but with proper care, it can be a rewarding experience. This strain requires a lot of sunlight and warmth to thrive, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. For optimal growth, keep the temperature between 72 to 80 degrees and maintain a consistent humidity level. When grown indoors, trimming the wide leaves at the top of the plant will encourage growth in lower branches. Use cannabis nutrients for the best results.

Amnesia Haze Flowering Time and Yield

This strain takes longer than others to mature, with a flowering time of 9 to 12 weeks. However, it produces high yields of up to 21 to 25 oz per plant when grown indoors, or 25 oz per plant when cultivated outdoors. Indoor growers can expect a yield of about 21 oz per square meter.

Bag Appeal of Amnesia Haze

The buds of Amnesia Haze are large and dense, covered in a thick layer of resinous trichomes. The light green color is intermingled with orange pistils, making for an aesthetically pleasing product. Enjoy the visual appeal of this strain while experiencing its satisfying effects.

Amnesia Haze Aroma and Flavor

The aroma of Amnesia Haze is both sweet and sour, with strong notes of fresh lemons. Its flavor profile is earthy and citrusy with hints of lemon sweetness left on your tongue long after exhaling. Savor the taste and smell of this delicious strain while experiencing its energizing buzz.

Effects of Amnesia Haze Cannabis

The effects of Amnesia Haze are perfect for creative endeavors and social engagements. Users report feeling happy, uplifted, and focused without feeling drowsy or fatigued. This strain can also be useful for treating insomnia, as its potency helps users relax and unwind. Use Amnesia Haze for stress relief, mood elevation, and creativity.

Buy Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds Now in the USA

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase USEED’s Amnesia Haze feminized seeds online in the USA. Our seeds are guaranteed to germinate and produce bud, ensuring a successful harvest. Buy now and experience the earthy-citrus flavors and uplifting effects of this sativa-dominant hybrid. Order today and enjoy fast and free shipping!

Data Table


Cannabis Cup, Sativa Cup




Indoors, Mediterranean


Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

Flower Time

9 to 12 weeks

Indica / Sativa

20% Indica / 80% Sativa

Pack Size

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 20 seeds

Plant Size


Taste & Smell

Citrus, Earthy, Lemon, Sweet


Up to 21%

Veg Stage

4 to 8 weeks


21 to 25 oz per plant