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Tropicana Cookies Feminized Seeds For Sale in America

Welcome American growers to the ultimate paradise of cannabis! USEED is thrilled to offer Tropicana Cookies feminized seeds for sale online at affordable prices. You won’t find a better deal in America or anywhere else. We guarantee it! Purchase now and experience the rejuvenating effects of this award-winning hybrid.

Tropicana Cookies Strain Introduction

Indulge in a true treat for happy relaxation with Tropicana Cookies strain. This delightful hybrid boasts 30% indica and 70% sativa genetics, with a high THC level of up to 22%. Its impressive terpene profile delivers a fruity flavor with an undercurrent of baked cookies, complemented by citrus notes of tangie. The euphoric, uplifting effects will leave you feeling energized and focused, making it perfect for a wake-and-bake.

Why Feminized Seeds?

At USEED, we only sell feminized seeds because they guarantee results. These seeds produce only female plants, which are the ones that actually produce weed. You won’t need to worry about separating males from females, and you’ll get a higher yield of potent buds.

USEED Guarantees

When you buy Tropicana Cookies feminized seeds from USEED, we guarantee discreet shipping and handling, guaranteed arrival of your order, and guaranteed germination of your seeds. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with our services.

Free Shipping in the USA

Take advantage of our free shipping offer to all U.S. States. Our domestic shipping ensures faster delivery times compared to seed banks that ship from abroad. You can start growing your Tropicana Cookies strain sooner than later!

The Origins of Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies is the successful creation of Oni Seed Co and Harry Palms of Blood Seed Co. Its lineage comes from two legendary strains – Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies. These genetics produce tall, bushy plants with dense foliage that respond well to low-stress and high-stress training. Tropicana Cookies feminized seeds are easy to manage, making them perfect for new growers.

How to Grow Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies feminized seeds can grow indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. They enjoy a sunny, Mediterranean climate and grow well in soil, clay, and coco coir. Draw out purple tones by introducing it to cooler temperatures during the early days of flowering.

Tropicana Cookies Flowering Time and Yield

Indoors, this Cannabis strain has a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks, with yields of roughly 17 oz per plant. Outdoors, your yield will be a decent amount – around 18 OZ/plant and be ready to harvest in late September or early October. Follow our germination instructions for guaranteed results from your marijuana seeds.

Bag Appeal of Tropicana Cookies

The buds of Tropicana Cookies are visually stunning, with predominantly purple hues mixed with touches of green. The pistils add touches of burnt orange, while a thick layering of cloudy, crystal-like trichomes creates a sticky, sugary appearance on its resinous buds. You won’t be disappointed by the bag appeal of this strain!

Tropicana Cookies Aroma and Flavor

This delightful hybrid delivers an invigorating burst of citrus and orange flavors with sweet, creamy cookie notes on the exhale. The aroma is a pungent mix of orange and florals with earthy undertones. Its terpenes – caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene – provide anti-inflammatory properties that offer relief from many physical ailments.

Effects of Tropicana Cookies Cannabis

The energizing buzz of Tropicana Cookies is perfect for social situations as it settles restlessness and calms paranoia. This strain is a go-to for low feelings and lack of focus. Its mood-boosting qualities, coupled with its anti-inflammatory properties, make it an ideal wake-and-bake strain, perfect for morning use to improve concentration, motivation, and energy.

Buy Tropicana Cookies Feminized Seeds Now in the USA

Make your cannabis paradise a reality by purchasing Tropicana Cookies feminized seeds from USEED today! Our seeds are guaranteed to provide the results you desire. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow one of the most delightful hybrids available. Order now and experience the rejuvenating effects of Tropicana Cookies strain!

Data Table




Indoors, Temperate, Continental, Mediterranean


Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted, Energetic

Flower Time

7 to 8 weeks

Indica / Sativa

30% Indica / 70% Sativa

Pack Size

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 20 seeds

Plant Size


Taste & Smell

Citrus, Orange


Up to 22%

Veg Stage

4 to 8 weeks


17 oz per plant