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Moby Dick Autoflower Seeds for Sale in America

Calling all American growers! Are you on the hunt for affordable, high-quality cannabis seeds? Look no further than USEED’s Moby Dick Autoflower seeds. These feminized seeds are available for purchase online, making it easy to get your hands on them no matter where you live in the USA. With low prices and unbeatable deals, USEED is your one-stop-shop for all your cannabis seed needs.

Moby Dick Autoflower Strain Introduction

Get ready to embark on a journey like no other with Moby Dick Autoflower. This sativa-dominant hybrid boasts energizing effects and a citrusy aroma and flavor. With THC levels ranging from 16% to 21%, this strain is sure to pack a punch, but it’s also known for its impressive yield. The plant grows tall and produces amazing yields, making it a great option for those looking to unwind and relax.

Why Autoflower Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice for those who want an easy-to-grow plant with a guaranteed harvest date. These seeds combine sativa and indica plants with ruderalis genetics, which means they flower according to age instead of relying on the number of daylight hours. This makes them ideal for indoor cultivation as their light cycle does not need adjusting. Additionally, they grow quickly and stay relatively small, making them perfect for those with limited space.

USEED Guarantees

At USEED, we stand behind our products and offer several guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction. Not only do we provide discreet shipping and handling, but we also guarantee the arrival of your order and the germination of your seeds. And as an added bonus, we offer free shipping to all US states.

Free Shipping in the USA

Speaking of free shipping, did you know that USEED offers this benefit to all our US customers? Say goodbye to long wait times and high shipping costs when you order from us. Our domestic shipping ensures that your seeds arrive quickly and safely, so you can get started on your grow as soon as possible.

The Origins of Moby Dick Autoflower

Moby Dick Autoflower was created by Amsterdam-based Dinafem Seeds as a hybrid of White Widow and Haze strains, with added ruderalis genetics for reliable growth cycles. These plants take on many sativa characteristics, but the plant itself has the shape of an indica. With its impressive genetics and easy-to-grow nature, it’s no wonder why Moby Dick is such a popular strain among growers.

How to Grow Moby Dick Autoflower

Growing Moby Dick Autoflower is a breeze, even for novice growers. This strain is resistant to mold as well as pests and diseases, making it a hardy plant that can withstand a variety of growing conditions. When grown indoors, USEED recommends a vegetative stage of 3-4 weeks under grow lights to ensure outstanding harvests. Outdoors, this plant prefers a Mediterranean-like climate and takes around 10-14 weeks to flower. Be sure to give your plants the right plant food during each stage of growth for optimal results.

Moby Dick Autoflower Flowering Time and Yield

In just 7-10 weeks, your Moby Dick Autoflower plants will be ripe for harvest. Yields can range from 5 to 15 ounces per plant, with outdoor plants producing the best results. And with its impressive size and yield potential, this strain is sure to impress even the most seasoned growers.

Bag Appeal of Moby Dick Autoflower

The buds produced by Moby Dick Autoflower are truly a sight to behold. With their striking orange pistils and dense trichome coverage, these buds are both visually stunning and potent. Expect a smooth smoke with earthy, herbal, pungent, spicy, sweet, and woody notes.

Moby Dick Autoflower Aroma and Flavor

The aroma of Moby Dick Autoflower is just as tantalizing as its bag appeal. With hints of citrus and eucalyptus, this strain’s aroma will transport you to a seaside adventure. The flavor is equally delightful, with dominant notes of creamy vanilla complemented by pine, menthol, and citrus terpenes.

Effects of Moby Dick Autoflower Cannabis

With its high THC content, Moby Dick Autoflower delivers big effects. Users experience talkative, analytical, and energetic highs thanks to the massive amounts of THC in the buds. This social strain is perfect for hanging out with friends or getting ready for an exciting night out. And with its potential for managing stubborn chronic health issues, this strain is truly a versatile option.

Buy Moby Dick Autoflower Seeds Now in the USA

Ready to take your grow to the next level? Buy Moby Dick Autoflower seeds now from USEED. Our easy-to-use website makes it simple to find what you’re looking for and place your order quickly and securely. Choose from packs of 5, 10 or 20 seeds and enjoy our unbeatable prices and guarantees. Don’t wait – order today and start growing your perfect plants!

Data Table




Indoors, Continental, Mold Resistant




Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed, Sleepy

Flower Time

7 to 10 weeks

Indica / Sativa

25% Indica / 75% Sativa

Pack Size

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 20 seeds

Plant Size


Taste & Smell

Earthy, Herbal, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet, Woody


Up to 21%

Veg Stage

3 to 4 weeks


5 to 15 oz per plant