Why Your Crowdfunding Campaign Needs a Team

Last year, Indiegogo released a key fundraising statistic that surprised absolutely nobody: Teams of crowdfunders raise over 3x as many funds for their campaigns than individuals who embark on the journey alone. Crowdfunding is hard work, and USEED’s Crowdfunding Advisors will always recommend that crowdfunders buddy up with others who also care about the project or cause for which they’d like to raise funds.

After all, teamwork makes the dream work. Here’s why that’s especially true for crowdfunding:

Expand your reach

You have a limited network of friends, family, and personal contacts. You may have created a contact list of people whom you’d like to reach out to on behalf of the campaign, but you are limited in your reach.

But what if you could multiply that list by five? By ten? Well, you’d get ten times as many eyes on your campaign, ten times as many people engaged with what you’re doing, and ten times as many donations.

As you add dedicated fundraisers to your team, their network will become your crowdfunding campaign’s network. Your campaign will experience more engagement than if you were to go on this journey alone.

Many hands make light work

Most first-time crowdfunders don’t realize how much work goes into launching a successful crowdfunding campaign. From building a stunning campaign page to planning strategic outreach and everything in between, there is a lot of work to be done to secure your success!

The most obvious benefit of having a team working alongside you for your crowdfunding campaign is that you can divide up tasks. This can help accelerate the process, as well as give you more capacity to execute on tasks in which you are most skilled and excited to pursue.

Which leads us to…

Create the highest quality campaign

Chances are, you alone aren’t exceptionally skilled in every single area of preparing, building, and launching a crowdfunding campaign. None of us are! Perhaps you’re an amazing writer, but don’t know the first thing about video editing. Or maybe you’re an incredible leader with tons of energy and enthusiasm, but organizing and managing a project isn’t your forte. While crowdfunding is a great experience to learn and grow your skill set, you also want to ensure your crowdfunding campaign is a quality product in which you can be proud.

While crowdfunding is a great experience to learn and grow your skill set, you also want to ensure your crowdfunding campaign is a quality product in which you can be proud.

A beautiful part of being human is that we are uniquely us with our own host of skills and passions. When you bring together a team under a shared vision, everybody can contribute their own strengths to it, which means that you can have somebody uniquely skilled in writing, video editing, leadership, project management, and every other area of your crowdfunding campaign.

So if you’re considering adding more people to your team to help you launch your crowdfunding campaign, ask yourself: What skills do you need to develop the best crowdfunding campaign for your project or cause? And then enlist the people closest to that project to help you!

Add a tangible example of teamwork to your resume

Almost 80% percent of employers say that they seek out employees who can work as a part of a team. This is especially critical information for students who want to build their resumes with the help of their crowdfunding campaign. Leading a crowdfunding campaign with a team shows future employers that you can be an effective team player. It is a story that many graduates won’t have, and it will certainly be a highlight of your college experience worth sharing in interviews, your LinkedIn page, and your resume.

Simply put, crowdfunding is best embarked upon with a group of passionate advocates. It should not be pursued as a solo sport, especially if you want to share it with communities outside of the one you already have. So find your tribe and share your crowdfunding journey with others!


Kristen Gluch | Director of Content Development

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