If You Want a Response to Your Fundraising Emails, Sign Off with this Closing

Your campaign is about to launch and you’ve crafted the perfect email to send out to your personal network of friends, family, peers, and colleagues to notify them. You’ve shared your passion and why the campaign is personally meaningful to you. You’ve added personal touches to each email based on who will receive it.

It’s the perfect email. But alas, you don’t win a donation – or even a response! What gives?

While some people are bound to be unresponsive no matter how well you craft your email, it’s also possible that you could make a few tweaks to your outreach emails to broaden your chance of success.

And according to Boomerang’s new findings, how you sign off can make – or break – your response rate.

Take a look at these common closers. Which one would you use in your fundraising outreach emails?

  • Sincerely
  • Cheers
  • Warmly
  • Thanks
  • Regards
  • Best
  • Thank you
  • Take care
  • Ciao
  • Talk soon
  • Thanks in advance
  • No closing at all

If you chose one that expresses gratitude (such as “thanks in advance”), then you will see a higher response rate (or, in your case, perhaps a higher rate of your audience taking action to donate) than you would with another sign-off.

Here’s the breakdown, according to Boomerang:

I admit that I have used “Best,” as my sign-off for years now. When I campaigned for a crowdfunding project in 2015, I ended every outreach email with “Best,” and I still hit my personal goal of $500. And yet here it is at the bottom of the list.

So no, your closing isn’t going to ruin your chances of success. But I do wonder if half the people who never responded to a single email I sent might have done so if I switched up the way I ended them.

The data is clear – how you sign off on your emails does affect how a person feels as they finish reading it. It affects response rates, and it likely transcends response rates and also affects whether the reader follows your call to action (in your case, donate to the campaign!).

So express gratitude in your closing. Perhaps you could even create your own A-B test to see which closings work best for response rates (and if you do, we’d love to hear your results!). After all, this is your campaign – in your own words – and we’re simply here to share our findings so that you can best utilize them to find success as you campaign with your team.

(But, as always, it never hurts to say “thanks!”) 


Kristen Gluch | Director of Content Development

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