USEED Crowdfunding Campaigns We Love

One of the first things we recommend crowdfunders to do before they begin working on their project is to audit past campaigns that have had similar team dynamics and a similar mission to theirs.

This helps set expectations and allows teams to analyze what other teams like theirs have done that aided in their success.

Here are a few of our favorite USEED campaigns to date, organized under their respective category:

Student Organizations

  • Growing the UW Farm
    A team of students raised funds to grow their campus farm, which gives their community a physical space to learn about sustainability and urban agriculture with a hands-on approach.
  • Knox College Choir
    A choir from a small college raised $16,000 to go on a tour through the US.
  • Emerson Evvy Awards
    Students raised funds for the EVVY Awards: The largest student-produced, multi-camera, live switch event in the nation. Think Emmys meet Academy Awards meet College.
  • Positive/Negative Magazine
    Senior photography and graphic design students worked together to fundraise for their student-run annual publication.


  • Human Powered Submarine
    A group of engineering students raised funds to compete in an international submarine racing event in Europe.
  • RIT Hot Wheelz
    A team of undergraduate, female engineering students from diverse backgrounds built a Formula Electric car from the ground up and raced it in the Formula Hybrid (Electric Only Category) event in Loudon, NH.
  • SFU MASS Impact Team
    A team that developed an intuitive prosthetic hand raised funds to go to the “world’s first Cyborg Olympics.” (And it’s as cool as it sounds!)
  • UAlberta Ecocar
    A multidisciplinary vehicle project team raised funds to compete in the Shell Eco-marathon, an annual international fuel-efficiency competition.
  • UW Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion
    This team designed, built, tested, and launched an advanced hybrid sounding rocket!

Service Learning

  • Play Around the World
    With play being such a critical function of early childhood development, a team of students travels internationally every year to play with kids in underdeveloped communities!
  • UAlberta Project Afrique
    A team of students travels to Africa for professional development in the areas of education, social sciences and health sciences, leadership, and social justice.
  • Emerson’s Alternative Spring Break
    Students “challenged borders” by participating in a year-long leadership and community engagement program, leading up to a week-long service learning opportunity in El Paso.


  • UAlberta Recon
    A graduate program that aimed to “ensure all students are able to effectively communicate/present their research ideas and to develop professional skills for success in their careers.”
  • Festival of Undergraduate Research
    This team fundraised for a festival to “bring together students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the broader community to celebrate the creativity and innovation of our undergraduate students.”


  • UW Cheerleading
    The University of Washington Cheerleading team fundraised to go to the UCA Nationals.
  • RIT Crew
    A varsity men and women’s rowing team at Rochester Institute of Technology fundraised for their growing program.
  • Women’s Ultimate Frisbee
    A college Ultimate Frisbee program fundraised for tournaments and equipment to subsidize the cost of playing to make it accessible for everyone.

This, of course, has been a non-exhaustive list. It is simply a starting point to support your efforts in auditing crowdfunding teams like yours that did an awesome job.

Of course, you will want to also look at the flip side: What campaigns are out there that didn’t do so well (on USEED’s platform and others)? What is the difference between those campaigns and the ones above?

The more curious you are early on, the more you’ll learn and be able to apply to your own crowdfunding campaign.

So get the good, get the bad, and get going!

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