How Our Crowdfunding Teams Use Trello to Prepare and Launch their Projects

After spending five years testing dozens of task management apps for our internal workflows, USEED has finally locked down our favorite: Trello. We use Trello company-wide to manage projects, collaborate virtually, and create integrated workflows to keep us on track to meet our goals.

Pixar, PayPal, and even Google also use Trello to manage their internal projects. Trello is gaining in popularity across startups and large businesses alike, and we knew that experience using this app could be another tool for crowdfunders to wield as they begin or advance their careers.

Trello has become a transformational tool for us, so we asked ourselves: Why couldn’t it be a transformational tool for the teams crowdfunding with us?

So we set out to create a collaborative training experience in Trello for our crowdfunders in higher education. Meet our Crowdfunding Training Trello Board:



Crowdfunding phases (left to right)

Across the top of the Crowdfunding Trello Board are the phases we recommend teams to travel through, from the time they begin planning their crowdfunding campaign (“Phase 1: Get started”), all the way to the end (“Phase 7: After your crowdfunding campaign ends”).



Tasks are listed under each phase

Under each phase, we’ve included a list of tasks (Trello calls these “cards”) that our favorite teams have deemed critical to their success. These modules help our teams fully implement their crowdfunding campaigns and give them confidence that they aren’t missing any important steps in planning and launching their initiative.

Task List

Teams move through these tasks by clicking on each one and reviewing the content. Each task includes how it influences the success of their campaign, how to implement it effectively, and how the team knows they have successfully completed the task.


While we’ve provided teams with the basic tasks to steward them through their crowdfunding journey, we cannot account for every opportunity and strategy a team might want to implement. Therefore, we recommend that teams add cards – or even whole phases! – to their Trello Boards.

The goal is for these boards to be our crowdfunders’ primary collaboration tool in which they can customize and make their own. By the time they complete their crowdfunding journey, every team’s board should be fully theirs, and they can even save it for reference when they crowdfund again in the future!


Features that make it a perfect collaboration tool

While Trello can be a solo sport (I have a Trello Board dedicated to my personal, never-ending to-do list), it can also be the much-needed answer to a team’s collaboration woes. Here are a few ways in which teams have worked together to generate ideas, stay the course, and take ownership over the various tasks necessary to complete a successful crowdfunding campaign.


Assign Team Members to tasks

How does a team know who is responsible for which tasks? Surely, you want the best person for the job – and not all jobs look the same! We recommend teams meet before tackling the crowdfunding phases and tasks to determine who is best equipped – and most excited – to complete each task. Then, they can add the appropriate Team Member(s) to the individual “cards” to ensure no task gets left behind.



Label tasks green when complete for transparency

As each task’s owner completes the task, they can label it green when it’s complete to notify the rest of the team. Then your board will begin to look like this:


Additionally, we’ve seen teams add their own label system. Such as yellow for “in progress,” pink for “up next,” or black for “we need to meet as a team to talk about this first.”


Give tasks a due date

Most teams have a launch plan that dictates when the optimal time would be to launch their crowdfunding campaign. Adding due dates to tasks allows those teams to stay on course, hold themselves accountable, and meet their deadline.



Leave comments in the tasks (and tag Team Members in them)

It’s super easy for teams to communicate directly with their Trello Board. They can simply leave a note in the comment section as a “note to self” or they can tag relevant Team Members using the “@” sign. Those Team Members will then receive a notification (email or from the app) that they have been mentioned in a comment, and they can respond directly on the task.

Leave Comments on Trello Card


There are plenty of other ways teams can collaborate in their Trello Board, such as adding external attachments to the tasks, creating step-by-step checklists within the tasks, and adding additional Team Members to the Board to work through the tasks.

So there you have it: An organized team training and collaboration tool that stewards first-time fundraisers through the crowdfunding journey while giving them room to develop strategies unique to their campaign.

We continue to develop this board as we learn more about the trends, data, and experiences our teams have, and we look forward to putting it in the hands of passionate teams around the world so that even first-time fundraisers can execute a successful crowdfunding campaign!



Kristen Gluch | Director of Content Development


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