Scholarship Spotlight: "She was smart. She was kind. She was important."

“She was Alexandra.”


Alexandra passed away last August. She was just 27 years old.

It was sudden and tragic news that permeated through and devastated a community. The injustice of it all: A vivacious, brilliant woman and recent Mount Royal University graduate who had a lightning-bright future ahead of her. A life stolen.

But her family, friends, and peers made the concerted effort to not suffer in silence. They would ensure her memory would be known, and through it, they would begin to cope and heal together.

As a way to create this “tangible memento” of her life, her family, friends, and peers hoped to set up a memorial bursary (scholarship) at her alma-mater so that future leaders like her could receive an education to pursue their own dream.

To support their fundraising efforts for this bursary, they spearheaded a crowdfunding campaignwith us to engage alumni, friends, and peers in the community effort to memorialize her life.


It’s not often that crowdfunding campaigns are created with as much love as this one had been.

Paul Racz, the team’s USEED Crowdfunding Advisor, said so when he told me that he came close to tears more times than he could count as he helped train this team. “It was just so meaningful to everyone involved.”

Even the numbers shed light on how important this campaign was to the community. It had originally launched to raise $10,000 over the course of 30 days, but ended up securing over $25,000.

What’s more – the team didn’t need rewards to convince people to give. They didn’t need flashy PR or accolades from celebrities. They just needed people who knew Alexandra – people who loved her. And that’s it – a grassroots movement of people who care.

A labor of love.

“She leaves behind a legacy of humor, wit, and a widow’s peak like no other,” her sister shares in their crowdfunding campaign video, “Your contribution to the Alexandra Drouin Memorial Bursary will impact a deserving student in the way Alexandra impacted every person who crossed her path.”


You are so loved, Alexandra. Those of us who never got the chance to meet you know that we missed out.

For me, this crowdfunding campaign served as a reminder that what we do today can positively affect the people around us forever. That we have the power to create ripples – at our school, in our community, and in the world.

How will you make ripples that you’d be proud to leave behind?

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