Introducing Program Pipeline Reports to Help You Meet Your Crowdfunding Goals

As the leader of your Crowdfunding Program, you almost certainly have goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you need to hit. Perhaps it’s a certain number of campaigns launched this year, or donors engaged through the program, or dollars raised for micro campaigns.

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can track all of those things with the help of our friends at Grow, a software company that helps organizations (like your program), well, grow! Whether you’ve just launched your institution’s very first Crowdfunding Program or you’re a veteran who is ready to go big, we have a new reporting framework that will make following your progress and hitting your KPIs possible and, even better, effortless.

So without further ado, meet your Program Pipeline Report (well, Rochester Institute of Technology’s, but you get the idea).

Let’s break down what we’re seeing here:

Campaign Pipeline: Phase %

This is a simple pie chart that shows how many teams/applicants fall within each phase of your program, from applying to it through launching their campaign.


Here, you can see at a high-level how many applications you have received, how much the applicants are seeking to raise in aggregate, as well as how many donors you might expect those campaigns to engage (an average campaign engages, on average, 100 donors according to our data).

Once you log into your own Program Pipeline Report, you can learn more about each individual application, such as applicant names and contact information, desired launch date, initial funding goal, and whether this is their first campaign (or second, or third, or tenth!).


Pre-Launch relates to applicants and their teams who are preparing their campaigns. Preparation includes designing their campaign page, planning outreach strategies, and recruiting team members to join the campaign. Your Program Pipeline Report shows the same information for your applicants in the pre-launch stage as it does for those who have only just submitted applications: Who they are, how much they’d like to raise, how many donors they could potentially engage, etc.

Pending Launch Approval

We request applicants to give us a week to get their campaigns approved to launch by you and your team. During this time, applicants will migrate to the “Pending Launch Approval” section of your report.

Live Campaigns

Live campaigns are the teams who are actively campaigning (engaging donors and raising money), usually for 30 days unless otherwise specified.

Often, things change for your applicants as they apply to your program and learn how to become effective crowdfunding campaigners. Maybe they wish to update their initial funding goal because they didn’t know how to properly set it when they applied, or perhaps they’ve changed their launch date from their initial application. As we receive these details, your report will reflect the changes. Often these changes happen around the time the team launches their campaign and will show up in the “Live Campaigns” section.

There’s more?

This is simply the dashboard of your report. When you access your own report, you’ll be able to gain deeper insights into each applicant to your crowdfunding program. It’s pretty intuitive, and we’re excited to hear your first impressions.

We can’t wait to see how these reports help you gain transparency into your program in order to best meet your program goals and KPIs!


Kristen Gluch | Director of Content Development

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