How Your #GivingTuesday Campaign Creates the Future of Philanthropy


We live in the Information Age – a time in which we are consuming more information than all of the generations preceding us. We are hearing about the issues plaguing our world in real-time, and while on the surface this may seem empowering, we often feel that these problems are too big for us to impact on our own. This makes us feel overwhelmed and as if, individually, we are not powerful enough to change the things that matter to us.

If you are spearheading a crowdfunding campaign for #GivingTuesday this year, you are giving your community a chance to address these problems together. You are giving them hope.

To the innovators within Annual Giving: you are uniquely positioned to provide this hope, because you are creating the future of fundraising in higher education. You are constantly trying new tools, new approaches, and reaching new donors who want to make a difference – but have yet to feel engaged.

When they do engage, you are not only helping your donors make a difference, you are helping them discover something new – something good – about themselves.

I’ve experienced for myself how powerful this discovery can be. In 2013, I first heard about Liftware and immediately fell in love with the concept. Liftware is an engineered spoon technology that allows people with hand tremors to eat with confidence. Unfortunately, this piece of equipment is almost $300 – an amount many living with ALS and related diseases cannot afford. The day I heard about this technology was the day I purchased two of these spoons for veterans in need.

Giving these pieces of equipment to veterans suffering with ALS taught me a few things about myself: First, that I had a passion for people with disabilities retaining their dignity. Second, that my voice was influential, because when I shared this technology with my own community during the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014, one of my friends also purchased spoons for people in need. I am a lifelong advocate for Liftware, and each time I give, I experience a new plane of personal growth.

Tomorrow, on #GivingTuesday, fundraisers and donors will experience the future of giving. In the process, they will also learn more about themselves, and how they do have the power to make a difference by joining with you, and their community, in advocating for a cause for which they care deeply.

The future of philanthropy is bright. Giving is transforming from an obligation to an exciting experience for everyone involved. Because of innovators like you, we get to look forward to a future of connection, creativity, and personal evolution.

#GivingTuesday, here we come!


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