Encourage #UNselfies to Promote Your #GivingTuesday Campaign


#GivingTuesday has been a grassroots movement from its inception in 2012, and social engagement is on a steady rise alongside it. Let’s discuss how you can harness the power of social media through the “UNselfie” movement and practical steps to get your campus on board.


What is an “UNselfie?”

Selfie – Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2013 – is the practice of taking a photo of yourself and uploading it to social media. This emergent social “fad” doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, however, there is a movement disrupting what it means to take a picture of yourself.

And we love it!

UNselfies are pictures of #GivingTuesday participants holding signs that showcases why they gave to a particular cause. These pictures are then uploaded to social media to spread awareness of a cause or a campaign in an effort to encourage others to give as well.



The psychology behind the UNselfie and why it works

From a tactical perspective, visual content rules the marketing world – especially when you’re working to spread a message across social media. Since images are shared at a higher rate than text itself, it’s no wonder that the UNselfie movement is doing so much to spread the #GivingTuesday mission globally.

In addition to the fact that visual content is best for sharing, it is important to note that your young alumni are also more influenced by their peers than any other generation before them. This means that if they see friends posting their UNselfies online, your young alumni are significantly more likely to donate and do the same.

As an added bonus: it doesn’t take much time or energy to customize a note and upload an UNselfie to social media (this is especially true for digital natives), and it’s fun for your community to showcase their unique perspective on why your campaign matters to them!


How Higher Education can support UNselfies

#GivingTuesday and #UNselfies go hand in hand, so it would be wise to engage your campus by implementing them as a part of your marketing efforts.

You can create an “#UNSelfie” template (or download one from #GivingTuesday) and send it to your students, alumni, and anybody you anticipate on giving to the campaign. Ask them to, after they donate, print it out and write their unique reason for giving on it before snapping a picture and uploading it to social media. Encourage them to tag your school so that you can retweet or share their UNselfie. Don’t forget to include your unique hashtag as well as “#GivingTuesday” on the template! You could also send the template out to donors as they give to the campaign and share the template on social media.

Encourage your staff, faculty, and student leaders to kick off the #UNselfie movement. The variety of perspectives and reasons for giving can only increase the chances of the cause resonating with a wider audience.


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