USEED's Crowdfunding Program Timeline (and What to Expect)

Maybe you’re interested in applying to your school’s Crowdfunding Program, but you want to know more. What will it look like for your team? What kind of commitment is involved? What is the process of crowdfunding with USEED’s training program, anyway?

This infographic is meant to serve interested parties in learning more about the program from a high-level. Here are the main focus areas in your quest to design, launch, and complete a crowdfunding campaign with USEED:

If at any point this seems overwhelming, remember that we’ve got you every step of the way with online, self-serve training modules and a real person who will act as your Crowdfunding Advisor and liaison when your campaign is live. You will never walk alone.

Finally, check out some of our favorite teams of crowdfunding campaigners and the campaigns they implemented utilizing our training program! Who knows, maybe one of those teams are just like yours!


Kristen Gluch | Director of Content Development

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