3 Reasons First-Time Crowdfunders Need a Crowdfunding Advisor

Part of what we do here at USEED is train amateur fundraisers – typically students – how to effectively create, prepare, and launch successful crowdfunding campaigns during their college career. We believe training is important for a multitude of reasons, with many of those reasons extending beyond the outcome of the campaign itself.

Our training program comes packaged with real people who double as “Crowdfunding Advisors,” and we think every team in higher education who is crowdfunding for the first (or second or third!) time should have one.

Why? We thought you’d never ask!


To shepherd teams through the process

What good does a crowdfunding campaign do if it never launches? And we don’t mean “let’s create it in 5 minutes and ta-da we have a campaign” type of launch (psst, those campaigns are destined for failure, unless, of course, you’re the potato salad guy).

Planning and implementing a successful crowdfunding campaign takes a lot more effort than most first-time fundraisers realize. For some, it can quickly feel like an unattainable feat. Unfortunately, even a small dip in team spirit could mean a delayed or terminated campaign.

A Crowdfunding Advisor helps move teams from the desire to produce a crowdfunding campaign to actually doing it. They also make sure that no crowdfunder gets left behind along the way. That nobody falls through the cracks or gets stuck or experiences hopelessness.


To help develop a strategic plan

While we do offer self-serve training modules to teams that fundraise with us, it’s important that new crowdfunders also know how to best implement a campaign with their unique assortment of tools and abilities. With USEED, these crowdfunding teams have personal access to an expert who can analyze their team, community, resources, and opportunities to help them develop a robust fundraising strategy.

From strategic goal setting to peer-to-peer outreach to offline events and everything in between, Crowdfunding Advisors have the ability to turn a landscape of opportunities into actionable advice, custom to the teams’ needs.

This personalized strategic training model sees that almost 80% of teams that go through it successfully meet their funding goals. Contrast that to the 10%-40% success rate fundraisers on other popular crowdfunding platforms experience, and it’s easy to see why first-timers should have access to this kind of support.


To say “I won’t give up on you”

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more passionate trainer than USEED’s own Director of Campaign Success (and Crowdfunding Advisor) (and former soccer coach) (and former teacher), Paul Racz. He’s led dozens of crowdfunding teams to success in the way he strategically guides them through the journey and champions them as a friend and ally.

Paul had this to say about his personal mission when working with student fundraisers:

The greatest coaches, educators, and mentors are the ones who refuse to say ‘I quit.’ When you see someone else quit that you look up to, then it’s almost impossible to keep fighting through the adversity of the day-to-days. Every team needs a leader to show them by their actions how to lead by example and how to inspire determination and passion for what they are doing.

Crowdfunding can be scary, uncomfortable, nerve wracking, and a lot of other emotions that can be challenging to navigate – especially for college students who have never done anything like it before. Having someone who’s done it before to walk alongside them is not only great from a strategy perspective, but it’s also an encouragement and motivation to keep going, even when it’s really, really hard (which it will be!).

We hope your future teams of first-time crowdfunders have incredible experiences. Experiences that not only make them want to come back to fundraise with your program again but to be grassroots recruiters by telling their friends to launch their own crowdfunding campaigns.

With a Crowdfunding Advisor, teams get the support and expertise they need to accomplish something incredible during their college career, and really, is there anything better than that?


Kristen Gluch | Director of Content Development

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