The 7 day countdown before your crowdfunding campaign is live: What to do and how to do it

And so the countdown begins.

You’re one week away from launching your crowdfunding campaign and accepting donations to your initiative. You’ve checked all of the boxes and now it’s time to ramp up your efforts in preparation for the most important day of your crowdfunding campaign: the day it launches!

Here are our daily recommendations to ensure your team kicks off your crowdfunding campaign with a bang!


7 Days ‘til Launch | Confirm how your team will communicate

A lack of fundraiser responsiveness, accountability, and engagement can be the death of even the most well-planned crowdfunding campaign. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your team, set up a way to communicate with each other during the live campaign. Perhaps this is a Facebook group or a communication app like WhatsApp or GroupMe. Pick a platform that most (if not all) of your group is already familiar with, or put it up to a democratic vote!

We don’t recommend using email as your primary platform for daily team communication since it’s so easy to disengage from an email chain conversation. Instead, opt for the medium that allows everyone to contribute in small, meaningful ways throughout the life of the live campaign.


6 Days ‘til Launch | Schedule all in-person team meetings

The best case scenario here is that your team already meets on a weekly basis. If this is the case, consider making the crowdfunding campaign the highlight of these meetings.

You’ll want to have team-wide conversations around strategies and ideas throughout your live campaign, so if you don’t have regular meetings scheduled, take the time now to do so. We recommend meeting in person once a week at minimum as well as on the day your campaign launches. Make sure to think through scheduling and location to ensure all team members are available to join!


5 Days ‘til Launch | Prepare your first campaign update

On the day you launch your crowdfunding campaign, you’ll want to publish a celebratory update on your page for visitors to see. Updates are a great way to showcase your team’s engagement throughout your campaign, tell behind-the-scene stories, and create deeper connections with donors.

We recommend drafting up your first update now so that you can focus on fundraising efforts on your first day. What do you want to share with your audience on that first day? And could you share it as a story? Don’t forget to add images, because an update with an image is always more shareable than an update without one!


4 Days ‘til Launch | Everybody finalizes personal email lists

Chances are, you’ve already worked out a list of email addresses from your personal contacts.

Now is the time to challenge yourself. We recommend having a list of at least 21 email contacts ready to go – contacts who you already have an established relationship with (and don’t forget to get permission!). If you’re not there yet, try going through your social media accounts and look for friends, acquaintances, and followers who have similar interests to you and reach out to get their email address. Or ask the contacts you do have if they can think of a mutual acquaintance you may have forgotten to include on your list!

And don’t stop at 21 if you don’t have to! The more contacts you have, the greater your fundraising capacity will be.

Take this time to secure your list. Do it together with the rest of your team. Workshop it. Make it fun! Just make sure you have fully planned your list of potential donors before your crowdfunding campaign launches!


3 Days ‘til Launch | Everybody sends first round of emails

With three days until your crowdfunding campaign officially launches, it’s time for everyone to send their first round of emails to their contact lists. The purpose of these emails is to ramp up the energy and excitement, as well as to formally notify contacts of the impending campaign launch.

Make sure you customize these emails on a per-contact basis, especially during this first round. Let them know why the campaign is important to you and why you selected them specifically to share the campaign. Is it because they care about your initiative? Is it because they are huge champions of you and the things you care about? Let them know! Be specific. Let them know you want them to be a meaningful part of the campaign, and that you are excited to share it with them once it goes live and actively accepts donations!


2 Days ‘til Launch | Update profile images and cover photos on all social media accounts

Today is the day to change all of your social media accounts’ profile images, cover photos, and backgrounds in an effort to begin promoting your campaign. This includes updating your organization’s social media accounts, as well as every team member’s personal accounts (if they so choose).

We recommend using consistent images and branding team-wide, so perhaps a create a few images to share with the rest of the team, and invite them to also create and share their own images with each other.

Here’s an example of a profile image we created in less than 60 seconds (for free!) on


Canva also allows you to create cover photos and infographics! Check it out!

The value of updating your social media accounts today is twofold:

  1. The first, and most obvious, is that you get a kickstart in engaging your personal networks who will see the updates on social media. Think about how Apple unveils the newest iPhone before it hits the market. Yeah, this is exactly like that (okay, maybe not exactly).
  2. The second is that, if everyone on the team does this, you have engaged in a public display of social validation, which is a great way to help remove outstanding skepticism or doubts other team members may have. It’s like peer pressure, but the good kind!


The Day before Launch | Develop a laser focus on hitting 30% funded tomorrow!

We literally cannot stress how important Day 1 of your crowdfunding campaign is.

We recommend setting an internal goal to hit 30% funded on your first day, so every bit of energy should go into ramping up to do this. Make sure all systems are in place, that your full team is ready to action all of the plans you’ve set out, and that everyone is set up for fundraising success.

We recommend creating a 30 day calendar (for the 30 days your crowdfunding campaign is live) and mapping out every strategy your team has agreed upon on this calendar. When will you send emails to your contact lists? When will you update your campaign page (and who is going to do it?). Note your meeting times, social media pushes, and external team events. This ensures your full team is equipped with a daily calendar of events so that there is no confusion or misaligned expectations.

So get that momentum going, use each day to its fullest, and put your crowdfunding campaign front in center in your mind. You are going to do incredible things, and we could not be more proud!

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