6 Types of Crowdfunding Campaigns Higher Education Can Empower

Who should be crowdfunding in higher education?

Where are the funding gaps?

Who could your campus empower?

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite organizations, teams, and groups who have crowdfunded with us so that you can identify similar passionate crowdfunders-to-be on your campus.


1. Crowdfunding for Athletics

For many universities and colleges, athletics are at the heart of the college experience. A strong and well funded athletics program amplifies school pride, and it enables student-athletes to access the necessary resources they need to proudly represent the institution on a collegiate level.fball-uw-cal-0012 (2)

In order to perform at their best, many of these teams need to identify additional funding, whether it be for equipment, opportunities to become better players, or unique experiences to build team culture and unity.

For example, we have seen sports teams crowdfund for a personal basketball trainer, national competitions, international tours and everything in between. Where there are gaps in funding, there is the opportunity to crowdfund.

We also love working with athletics teams because when they put their eyes on a goal, they make it happen. They commit to winning together, so let them win for your crowdfunding program!


2. Crowdfunding for Engineering Teams

Screen_Shot_2015-12-08_at_8.41.29_AMWe have the opportunity to work with engineering teams extensively, and we love it because it means we get to have a first look into some of the coolest technologies and most innovative ways to use them.

Engineering teams often need additional funding in order to proudly represent their university in national and international competitions, to build some of the most advanced systems, and to make the world a better place.

Crowdfunding in higher education is synonymous with project-based learning, and we have seen engineering teams especially step up to the challenge in order to learn more about business, creative initiative, and the power of networking and community building.


3. Crowdfunding for Performing Arts

Some of the most passionate student crowdfunders we’ve worked with have been performers. Unfortunately, the focus on arts is shifting, leaving many art programs and organizations underfunded and in need of alternative funding methods.imgl6003 (1)

Two of our favorite student led crowdfunding initiatives were from the performing arts field.

The first: Tribes – A play put on by University of Alberta students that tells the story of a deaf boy who learns about the ASL community and what it means to be accepted as part of a “tribe.” This group of students sought funding to help compensate two ASL interpreters who performed on stage with the actors.

The Second: Knox Jazz Ensemble – A group of student musicians seeking to travel to China to perform and participate in workshops alongside Chinese student musicians. This team was such a treat to work with from the beginning, and their excitement was infectious. This led them to a huge, unexpected victory!

Consider your performing arts groups on campus and see if there are outstanding needs that could be met through crowdfunding. They will likely surprise you with their passion and readiness for a new experience to draw in their community.


4. Crowdfunding for Service Learning

1620lmx (1)Our service learning campaigns have consistently shown us some of the best aspects of humanity. Groups and organizations embarking on these experiences are often filled with passionate, talented, and kind people who want to see the world change for the better.

These teams often require funding that their school is unable to provide. This includes travel expenses, meals, room and board, equipment, and more. Giving them the ability to crowdfund for these trips also empowers them to own the experience on a level they would otherwise not. They get to showcase their mission and share their passion and excitement with the people closest to them.

How cool is that!?


5. Crowdfunding for Research

16740271739_804127e6d7_o (1)

Whether faculty led or student led, crowdfunding for research in higher education can often feel the most daunting.

For one, most research projects require a significant amount of funding – much more than the average student organization on your campus.

For two, many research projects are made up of small teams, which limits the ability to reach a broader community. Since we always recommend peer-to-peer crowdfunding for higher education crowdfunding campaigns, this can be a challenge.

However, this is not to say that these challenges can’t be overcome. Sometimes, it just means reassessing the public-facing goal to be more attainable or finding the right community to rally behind the campaign.

The research happening on your campus is a big deal for the future of our world. The more we are able to support these teams, the better the outcome for humanity. We are happy to work alongside you to find the best strategy for your researchers.


6. Crowdfunding for Student Organizations

Picture1Student organizations are some of our favorite teams to work alongside. They are often creative, engaged, and full of energy. They bring life to our partners’ crowdfunding programs, and we are always so excited to have them in our pipeline.

Consider the many student organizations on your campus. Depending on the size of your campus, there may be dozens of them. Perhaps they are educating others on the things that matter most to them. Perhaps they are engaging their community with workshops. Or perhaps they are establishing and cultivating something exciting on campus.

There are so many opportunities to unlock. Chances are, your campus has groups and teams that no other campus in the world has. What an honor it would be to empower them with the gift of funding!

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