5 Ways Crowdfunding Can Make Your Resume Stand Out

Whether you’re a student who needs to build a resume for the first time or a working professional who wants to rejuvenate yours, crowdfunding can play a powerful function in enhancing a resume with specific, targeted skills that translate directly to the workforce.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to highlight the work you’ve done.


1. Communication

Crowdfunding is not a solo sport. And if you’ve crowdfunded, you know this to be true.

Consider all the ways you had to communicate with your team to ensure tasks were completed, all the ways you reached out to the media or influencers or alumni lists, and all the ways you engaged your personal networks through various communication streams.

Whether it was through communication apps, texting, social media, email, or just picking up the phone and making a call, you learned how to effectively communicate with the world around you in a deeper and more meaningful way than when you began.

Your future employer is going to be looking for someone who has effectively demonstrated their ability to communicate and collaborate with others, and crowdfunding is your key to showcasing it.


2. Fundraising Experience

This one might be obvious, but we shouldn’t overlook it. With over 1.5 million nonprofits in the US and counting, it’s not too far off to think fundraising (or, at minimum, the skills you gained from fundraising) might be a real part of your future.

It is a unique skill that not many possess, and it could give you a big advantage over others, especially if you are able to tell your potential employer that you met or even exceeded the goal you set out to raise. This shows commitment, hustle, and the ability to follow through with the goals you set.


3. Portfolio Pieces

Show, don’t tell. It’s one of our favorite rules to keep us grounded here at USEED, and we believe the world needs more of it.

Did you edit your campaign’s video? Create and design the campaign page? Secure press to cover your campaign?

Consider leveraging your work in your portfolio or on your LinkedIn page as a direct representation of the work an employer could expect from you. Saying you’ve created something is not nearly as powerful as showing what you’ve done. An exhibition is much more dynamic and accessible, so we encourage you to “show” whenever you have that opportunity!


4. Sales & Marketing

We consider crowdfunding in higher education to be less about sales and more about connection, though they are similar in that both crowdfunding and sales and marketing rely on creating messages that inspire people to take action. A good marketer knows their audience and knows how to create messages that connect them to the organization’s mission. A good crowdfunder can effectively do the same.

Crowdfunding – even donation based crowdfunding – is not unlike sales or marketing. You have to create consistent messaging across your team, and you have to know how to take on the perspective of a donor in order to develop a campaign that really resonates with them.

Any position that requires a person to have face time with a potential client or create a marketing campaign to engage with a targeted audience will be better with someone who has fundraising experience. Go get that position by adding your crowdfunding experience to your resume!


5. Leadership

Leading a team to crowdfunding success might be the greatest story you can tell on your resume, and if you’ve done it, you already know why.

Bringing together a team from different walks of life, different skill sets, and different ideas and experiences is an important skill that you can take with you into any position you fill. It is a transferrable soft skill that most employers – regardless of industry – want to see on a resume.

Consider as well how you might tell the story of leading your team to success during an interview. What were the trials, and how did you overcome them? And if your team didn’t successfully hit the fundraising goal, what did you learn from the experience, and how would you approach leadership differently next time? Not only are interviewers looking for stories of triumph, but they are also looking for stories of resilience and personal growth.

So regardless of your crowdfunding campaign’s outcome, we hope you see it as a valuable asset to your resume. Add it to build your resume, to revitalize it, to give it depth. Your future employer will be delighted to hear about your endeavors crowdfunding!

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