5 Tips for Motivating Your Team During Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Most of our teams launch crowdfunding campaigns that are live for 30 days, and although it’s fairly easy to create momentum early on (“Woo! We launched!!!”), maintaining that level of energy as a full team becomes increasingly difficult as time progresses.

So how do you keep your team from feeling drained midway through the campaign, and how do you keep yourselves engaged for a full month?

Here are a few of our favorite tips!


1. Schedule regular team meetings

As a leader for your team, be proactive and before you launch and schedule when and where your team will meet while the campaign is live.

Meeting on a regular basis (typically once or twice a week) is critical for building and maintaining momentum. Additionally, it’s great for culture building, highlighting wins, and maintaining accountability. We recommend putting this at the forefront of your team engagement strategy.

Ideally, these meetings would be in-person and accessible to your full team. We also recommend implementing an online check-in and communication space, such as a Facebook group or an app (have we mentioned how much we love Slack for team communication?). This will help keep engagement going when you aren’t officially meeting.

With plenty of time set aside for your team to connect with each other and explore new ideas, your team will experience unparalleled momentum and energy toward your crowdfunding campaign.


2. Stage social media takeovers

It is possible – even likely – that the person who created your team’s social media accounts is the only person who has ever posted from them.

If your team, group, program, or project has a social media presence, consider passing the log-in torch to your wide array of team members throughout the life of your crowdfunding campaign.

Allowing other team members to “take over” your team’s social media accounts means that they can showcase the crowdfunding campaign through their unique perspectives. This allows your followers to see what is happening “behind the scenes” through the various pictures, tweets, videos, and stories that your team members share, and it keeps those team members engaged because they have a platform for their voices to be heard.

Depending on your team size, you can pass the social media torch every day, every couple days, or once a week. Just make sure to organize this strategy on a calendar, as well as who will be posting any pre-planned updates, to provide a clear social media strategy with the full team on board.


3. Highlight team members in your updates

You can approach campaign updates the way you would a blog. Tell stories, share what’s happening behind-the-scenes, upload vlogs or images. The updates section, along with every other aspect of your campaign, is a sandbox – get creative with it!

It is also a great way to engage your team members.

Interview team members and tell their stories in your updates, or encourage them to create their own campaign update. The updates are a public space to share that every person’s story and contributions matter to the cause you’re supporting through your campaign.

We always love to highlight Humans of New York as an amazing example of telling short stories through interviews. Why not try your hand at something similar or empower other team members to try it themselves?


4. Celebrate often

As a leader, your affirmation is powerful. Make sure you’re actively seeking out the incredible things your team members are doing on behalf of the crowdfunding campaign (and outside of it too!) so that you can share and celebrate them.

Did a team member just win a big gift for your crowdfunding campaign?

Did someone just tell a compelling, moving story about what the campaign means to them on their own social media account?

Did every team member send out emails to their personal networks with a link to the crowdfunding campaign page?

Whether the wins are big or small, let celebration navigate how you lead your team. Address the positive. Build momentum with enthusiasm toward your cause. Raise your team members up and acknowledge their hard work.

After all, as business analyst and author Tom Peters best put it:

Celebrate what you want to see more of.


5. Give everyone the opportunity to contribute

It would be impossible for us to predict all of the opportunities you and your team will have for your crowdfunding campaign. It would be equally impossible for you to do so as well without checking in with your team first.

Motivation stems from believing what you are doing is an extension of who you are – your identity. Therefore, the very best way to motivate your team members is to provide them with a platform to share their ideas, perspectives, and expertise. They should feel that this crowdfunding campaign speaks to who they are as unique contributors to the campaign.

I love the famous quote from Helen Keller: Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

What could be accomplished if your crowdfunding campaign only reflected the opportunities you pursued?

What could be accomplished if the same campaign reflected all the opportunities that every person on your team was empowered to pursue?

This is the beauty of working together with a team instead of simply directing one. You can accomplish so many incredible, innovative, powerful things when you team up around a shared vision.

I know firsthand that maintaining the energy for 30 days while your crowdfunding campaign is live is not always easy. But we promise it’s worth it.

And so we ask: How will you – with your unique skill set and passion – lead your full team to crowdfunding success?


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